Synergy Explorers’ Charitable Purpose falls within the general category of the advancement of heritage, culture or science. The charity operates the website at to help deliver our Mission. Within the site ‘Synergy’ serves as an umbrella term for relaxed non-goal oriented sex that emphasises intimacy-building signals (bonding behaviours).

Over the millennia, various traditions, many of them distinctly sex-positive, recorded approaches to sex that advised conscious, careful cultivation of sexual energy to enhance and sustain intimate relationships, expand awareness and improve wellbeing. We hope that partners who explore this concept will help advance the public discussion about its merits, and that researchers will research it more thoroughly than they have to date.

  • Visit Traditions for dozens of pages of historical information covering major relevant philosophical and practical works from around the world written over a period of 3,000 years.
  • Our Research section provides access to over 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers relevant to Synergy.
  • Get Started gives visitors a set of easy-to-use tools to help them understand and explore the concept of Synergy, including FAQs.
  • Users can also browse our blog, which features the ideas of various authors from around the world.
  • Visitors are invited to submit their own relevant materials and writings in order to further the public discussion about Synergy.
  • The majority of Chapter 1 of Synergy – The Book is available to download for free. It is a 34-page PDF.
  • There’s also a free audio course.

We have established a moderated discussion forum where members of the public can engage in dialogue about any of the themes of the site.

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