Viagra and the case for soft sex

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In the 1980s, drug company propaganda convinced the scientific world that nitric oxide was no longer a toxic pollutant, but rather a health-promoting substance to launch their new erection drug Viagra. ~Mark Sloan in The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue Visitors to generally know its central principle: Non-performance driven sex offers remarkable benefits. The gifts of loving, intimate exchange … Read More

Want to erase a recurring sexual fantasy?

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When you feel sexually aroused or sexually frustrated does your mind too often jump to a habitual fantasy or fetish to push you over the edge to climax? You are not alone. This kind of neural link is extremely common. Even if you would never want to act out a fantasy in real life it can be pesky, preoccupying your … Read More

Isn’t Synergy “unnatural”?

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People sometimes declare Synergy “unnatural” because animals always ejaculate when they copulate…or do they? In fact, various primates don’t always ejaculate when they copulate. Moreover, this behaviour is more common than imagined. Male macaque monkeys, for example, ejaculate in roughly half of their copulations. And tamarin monkeys, which are socially monogamous like humans, seem to use non-ejaculatory mounts as part … Read More

That post-coital feeling: we investigate the way women feel right after they’ve had sex (Stylist)

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Excerpt: “There is what’s called ‘a drop’ after the chemical high of a sexual encounter.” For more on the science of post-coital distress in men and women explore Evidence of shifts after sex. Women tell to us about how they feel after sex, and we explore research to help us make sense of that post-coital feeling. (Original article in Stylist) … Read More

Feeling stuck? Try careful cultivation of your sexual energy for a few weeks.

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Do you sense that you’re not realising your potential? Perhaps you have promising creative ideas and clear intentions but they hit exhausting snags. Maybe your inertia is so great that you’re not even billing clients. Or you’re putting off filing your taxes. Perhaps you desire a relationship but aren’t manifesting a social life. Maybe you’ve needed to renovate for years … Read More

Sex, Synergy & The Magic Flute

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Magic Flute

For Synergy explorers, it can be fun to see where in the cultural landscape representations of Synergy practices can be found. One of my favourites is Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”. Many people say it is full of masonic symbolism as Mozart was a member of that fraternity. Interestingly, many Masons emphasized symbolic union. Mozart may have been suggesting here … Read More