Synergy without intercourse?

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Sounds like a contradiction in terms. Yet, what if you or your partner prefers to skip penetration in the moment for whatever reason? How do you tap the delicious benefits of intimate connection? If you’re a Synergy fan, you already know that the gifts of this practice don’t come from producing orgasms in each other. The benefits come from nourishing … Read More

Experiencing ‘sacred’ sex

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My experience of sacred sex has been in the context of creating and maintaining a monogamous heterosexual couple. I am not in a good position to talk about other relationship arrangements. To find total satisfaction without orgasm, you just need to be accepting and patient. The core idea is to be joined to your beloved by touch and intention. Bodily … Read More

Why are depression and suicidality higher in adolescents who engage in sex?

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Sex is good for people, right? Yet do we know enough about sex to educate adolescents for best results to avoid any subsequent post-coital depression? Consider this 2021 massive, 178,664-participant study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on Korean adolescents, available in full here: Association between Sexual Behavior and Depression in South Korean Adolescents: A … Read More

A husband discovers Synergy lovemaking spontaneously

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Semen retention

This intriguing thread appeared on Reddit’s Semen Retention thread not long ago. A husband in his early 40s, married for 20 years, noticed that when he ejaculates during sex he experiences “a massive come down for about a week.” He explained that, “as I got in to my late 30s early 40s it takes a lot longer to recover after … Read More

Buddha, Desire & Synergy

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Buddha and sexual desire

Not long ago, German scientists set out to test Buddha’s famous maxim: Craving and desire are the root of all suffering. (Testing Buddha: Is Acute Desire Associated with Lower Momentary Happiness?) The results agreed with Buddha’s teaching. Happiness was significantly greater in instances where individuals were not experiencing a desire. This held true even when their desires did not conflict … Read More