Living Sacred Sexuality

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Sacred sex to me means that making love is more than just a mind and body experience. It also includes an element that makes us feel part of something larger, something sacred. In this blog I will sketch out some of my experiences using karezza, a form of sacred sexuality, to guide how I have built my intimate relationship with … Read More

Female sexuality on the altar of the Patriarchy?

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Eve and original sin

From sacrifice to sacrament The subject of Female sexuality and patriarchal religious dogma has been a source of exploration, in both philosophical debate and theological enquiry throughout the centuries. From the exhortations of Aquinas to the second Vatican council, questions to do with women’s bodies, women’s place within the Christian church, within the home, with regards non choice in matters … Read More

Menopause, Intimacy & Tantra – Janet McGeever (podcast)

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menopause intimacy tantra

Is menopause interfering with your love life? You may want to try gentle tantra to renew your intimacy and nourish each other going forward. In this “Better Relationships” podcast, host Todd Zemek speaks with Janet McGeever. They discuss whether a non-performance-oriented approach to sex can help couples strengthen their sexual connection during and after menopause. Listen to podcast (53 min.) … Read More

Can karezza increase penis size?

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penis size

Penis size! This may sound like a penis-enlargement commercial. However, some karezza lovers notice increases in length, and increased circumference is especially common. Curious as to why this should even be possible, I reviewed my knowledge of penis anatomy. The penis has three porous structures: one on each side, and one on the lower side of the shaft. Specialized muscles … Read More

Tolkien on sex

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Men are not [monogamous]. No good pretending. Men just ain’t, not by their animal nature. Monogamy (although it has long been fundamental to our inherited ideas) is for us men a piece of revealed ethic, according to faith and not the flesh. The essence of a fallen world is that the best cannot be attained by free enjoyment, or by … Read More

Can Synergy help you keep your resolutions?

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Wondering how you’re going to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Researchers widely acknowledge self-control as a key predictor of productive, happy, and healthy lives. Now, new research suggests why Synergy lovemaking might be a great way to improve your chances of keeping your resolutions. Is our capacity for self-control fixed? Scientists long assumed that self-control arose (or not) early in … Read More