GuidelinesThese Guidelines are the rules for using the forum, and use of this website constitutes acceptance of these Guidelines and our Terms & Conditions. You must be 18 or older to use SynergyExplorers.

Reporting a user

Sex is a stimulating subject and some people have not yet learned to discipline themselves. If anyone engages in predatory behaviour, please contact a moderator immediately via the Report button. Make your report privately. Moderators will consider public announcements that you are making a report or encouraging others to make a report as trolling or a personal attack. They will moderate your comments, especially if the user is not violating the rules.

Not medical advice

Any information you gather here is not medical advice and is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. Check all advice with medical professionals before applying it. If you are experiencing a crisis, contact a hotline or authorities immediately. See Medical Information Disclaimer.


Opinions shared by users of do not represent the views of SynergyExplorers. Likewise, the views of SynergyExplorers are not universally shared by all users.

Please treat other forum users with respect

You are a guest here. Encourage fearless discussion, not flame wars. Behave as considerately as you would in real life – or more so. Avoid name calling, insults, and degrading comments.

Spin, condescension, assigning others hurtful motives without inquiring as to their motives, mischaracterising others’ views or expertise, unmerited claims that you are being victimised, hostile sarcasm, malicious misinformation, intentional unkindness, name-calling, straw-man arguments, ad hominem arguments, shaming, blaming, sneering, etc. will result in banning by our mods – with or without a temporary suspension first. Report a post.

Stay on topic. Don’t hijack another user’s threads with replies that are unrelated to the original post. We may remove off-topic or incorrectly placed threads or posts and warn the user. We may also take action against posts that are designed to derail constructive conversation – such as “hijacking” a thread with irrelevant information, spamming, posting only with the purpose of inciting a dramatic reaction (i.e. “trolling”), “concern trolling” (threatening to report a user if they continue to disagree with a position), or other similar posts.

No personal attacks

Do not attack other users personally. While we invite everyone to express their opinion on the forum, please do so constructively. If you do not agree with something that someone has said, you are welcome to question it or challenge it. However, avoid attacks on other users because of differing opinions or morals. This includes spreading your opinions of a particular user publicly on the forum, and/or using the forums to incite negative opinions of a particular user in hopes the moderation team will ban them.

Misogyny, misandry, racism, anti-sexual-minority, or any sweeping statements pertaining to demographic groups are not permitted. Nor are threads based in hatred toward a specific group of people. Threats of any kind are strictly prohibited and risk an immediate ban. This includes threats of doxxing, violence, illegal activity, real world attacks/assaults, etc. and includes any type of target, such as a user, a real person, a moderator, a business, an organisation, etc.

You may not threaten SynergyExplorers or any member of the team, whether as retaliation for moderation action or for any other reason. Actions include but are not limited to threats of violence, frivolous lawsuits, hacking, harassment, etc.

Giving advice

It is the belief at SynergyExplorers that all users, regardless of background or other factors, can contribute value to the community as a whole. The learning process imparts valuable lessons. Avoid posts that discourage other members of the community from participating.

Feel free to share your education and training, if any, but please do not hold yourself out as a licenced professional unless you are prepared to supply evidence of your licence to the moderation team.

Respect other people’s explorations

While it is all right to have your own opinions about the “proper” way to engage in Synergy, please do not actively discourage particular users from developing their own approaches.

Don’t deliberately detract from the experience of other users’ ability to use the website

This includes excessively bumping threads, posting the same message repeatedly or in multiple forum sections, posting excessively in a thread without feedback from other users, using nonsensical phrases, using images that are too large and impair the functionality of the website, or other disruptive actions.

Please refrain from posting things of a religious or anti-religious nature,

unless you’re sharing your personal story. If someone mentions how spirituality or a lack thereof has helped them, live and let live. Regardless of your faith or lack thereof, don’t try to impose your views onto other Explorers.

Avatars and images

This is an anonymous forum. Please do not use a photo of yourself. Artistic renditions of lovers are permitted, but sexualised body parts and explicit photos are probably going to be removed. Please respect the moderators’ decisions in this regard.

Assistance and advice on creating avatars is available on the Forum Registration page.

Images associated with groups that promote hatred or violence (KKK, Nazi, etc.) are always prohibited. So are images that exhibit offensive gestures or text, porn, kink, or gore. And so are images that violate copyright or trademark rights.

If you wish to feature a logo for your business and that business is relevant to this website, that may be all right, but please check first. Submit a request here. It is possible for an image to be initially approved, and the decision to be later overturned by another member of the moderation team. If your image is deleted and you are instructed to select a different image, continuing to select images that violate the rules may trigger moderator action.


Failure to abide by these guidelines could result in any of the following:

  • Removal of your post(s)
  • A warning from the moderation team
  • Complete removal of your ability to post here
  • Muting/banning for any period of time
  • Blacklisting from our network

If you reveal the identity of another user without permission, you will be banned. More commonly known as “doxxing,” it is against the rules to post personal information publicly about another user without permission from that user. Threats to reveal the identity of another user in a bad faith attempt to harm the person in some way are also grounds for being banned from the SynergyExplorers platform. Personal information includes real name, address, family information, career information, date of birth, or similar information, whether gathered via personal messaging or from outside of SynergyExplorers. If somebody wants to remain anonymous, let them remain anonymous.


The SynergyExplorers moderation team reserves the right to remove content or restrict users’ posting privileges as necessary if they deem it detrimental to the organisation or to the experience of other users. Final interpretation of the rules rests with the moderation team. We do not require the moderation team to provide an explanation as to why it considers the post a violation of the rules. If you have any questions or comments about the rules, contact a moderator here.

Circumventing or ignoring moderator actions

Any attempts to circumvent, ignore, or disregard moderator actions will result in immediate mutes and/or bans of affected user accounts. If you receive a ban from the forum, you cannot make a new account as a way to evade the ban.

Improper use of the reporting system

The reporting system is for official use only. Improper use of the moderation system diverts resources from genuine reports. Using the reporting system for any other reason, such as spamming, harassing the moderation team, attempting to circumvent a mute, etc. is not permitted.

If you wish to offer services, place a notice in the “Services” section of the forum

The services offered must be acceptable and relevant to the subject matter of this website. Conduct any financial transactions off of the site.


We probit spam, including sexual enhancement ads.  Moderators will assessed possible spam and take action, up to and including a permanent ban for the poster.

We do not permit the collection of user information

We will remove petitions, surveys or other initiatives that collect user contact information unless SynergyExplorers’ moderators have first approved it. Requests permission here. Violations will result in a ban.


We do not allow the surveying of users without authorisation. Academic researchers should contact SynergyExplorers for permission, vetting, and approval before posting calls for study participants. Have your ethics approval in place before contacting us.

Do not post press and casting notices without prior permission

Please submit all media requests here. Unauthorised postings will be subject to moderator action.


You may embed images from other websites in your signature, unless a moderator decides they are inappropriate. You are welcome to link to other websites in threads and posts unless a moderator decides they are inappropriate. We prohibit the use of large images that break the functionality of the site or disrupt thread flow.

Reporting rule-breaking content

If you see something that violates our policies, alert the moderation team.


We permit alternate user profiles, or alts, in order to maintain anonymity. However, you have to balance this with the requirement to maintain good order on the site. Therefore, if you make an alt account with an intent to deceive, break rules, circumvent moderator actions, troll, maintain conversations with yourself, or engage in other disruptive behaviour, moderators will take a range of actions and if necessary ban the alt and/or main accounts. Moderators applying action to one user account may enforce it on all the user’s accounts, even if a moderator did not apply the action to the other account. For instance, if moderators mute a user’s first account for 5 days, a user may not use a second account during that time, even if moderators have not muted it. Violating this will result in moderators banning the alt account and taking action against the main account.


“Synergy Explorers” is the name of our website and we have filed for trademark applications for it, our logo and our slogans.

Where can I receive technical support or leave suggestions?

Contact us if you would like to make a suggestion. Even if we do not respond, rest assured we will have read your submission. We do not implement all suggestions for a variety of reasons, but we take feedback seriously and consider everything.

How can I contribute to the website?

If you wish to contribute time, you can start as a moderator assistant. You would help ensure that all visitors receive at least one quality response, remove spam, move stray threads, and notify the moderation team of problematic posts. Interested? Please contact us to learn more.

You may also donate directly to the charity that hosts this website at “Donate“.