Are you struggling with demanding sexual urges? For thousands of years the Chinese Taoists have taught techniques for circulating sexual energy. Practitioners often master them as a solo practice. That way they become automatic when making love with a partner, where they are especially powerful.

Additional benefits

The techniques discussed in the video below reduce sexual frustration by spreading sexual energy throughout the body. Practitioners report feeling calmer, more focused and enlivened, not to mention relieved of explosive sexual cravings.

Taoist teacher Steffo Shambo enumerates various additional benefits in his helpful materials:

  • Energizes the testicles with fresh pranic life force.
  • Removes stagnant energy in the pelvic floor from sitting too long and wearing tight undergarments.
  • Increased testicular health and general male sexual health.
  • Increased perception of subtle energy in the energy body.
  • Removes sexual frustration, stress, and tension.
  • It helps to control sexual energy by moving it upwards.
  • It rejuvenates the kidneys, prostate, and other organs.
Watch Steffo Shambo’s detailed instructions or read his article on Taoist exercises.

When you get to the page the image links to, scroll down to his Taoist video.