Join the ‘Forum’ to chat about Synergy. These Forum Instructions will help you make your profile interesting and protect your privacy. Please sign up on our registration page to enter the conversation.

You choose your own user name on the registration page.  Each registration on calls for its own, separate email address. Our software requires this. You may participate with more than one identity (provided you don’t engage in sock-puppetry), but you cannot do this from a single email address.

After you complete the initial registration page, we send an email to your email address with a link to set your password. Click on the link. The ‘New password’ box comes with a randomly generated ‘strong ‘password. You can accept this by clicking the “Reset Password” button. Alternatively, you can select your own password of at least 12 characters. Type it in the box and click the “Reset Password” button.

Instructions for choosing your own avatar

The website system initially assigns each user a random avatar. These avatars look like old-time space invader characters. You may keep this avatar. The screenshot below shows “Tester nine’s” automatically generated avatar. It is a blue and beige square. To change the avatar to something of your own choice, select ‘Edit My Profile’ in that page. This opens a long window.

instructions for Tester nine 'space invader' avatar

Scroll all the way down to the bottom section. Here you will see a file upload button. You can use it to reset the avatar to any image you may wish to use. It should be square, or roughly square, in shape.

avatar editing instructions

In the example below a section of an image has been clipped.

instruction for creating an Avatar image

Upload the image and then choose ‘Update profile’.

New avatar instructions

By completing these instructions you should now be ready to blog.


During registration you will also see the option to use a Gravatar that you have created somewhere else, but please consider carefully. Your privacy is important. We encourage users to maintain their anonymity. A Gravatar may reveal your identity to other users.


If you get stuck at any point in these instructions, please contact us by email.