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thank you for the response. 🙂
And for caring – it gets really lonely.

Though, I choose what situations I engage in by going with the so-called “spark of joy”, ( Marie Kondo ), and it really helps to know where to direct the Attention, Focus and Energy, and for some reason whenever I wonder whether it makes sense or not to Keep Holding on, I feel said spark of joy and know a few Facts About it that make me confident, even though it is difficult to explain in words.

I am very specific in what I Need from someone, which makes it very difficult at the same time, and she got what I want and Need, albeit there are many downsides too.

<3 Thank you again for caring – as I said it gets quite lonely.

Karezza is my absolute Goal in life – everything else is secondary to me.

In case this whole Thing eventually works out, which I sincerely hope, I will do what I can to Keep you posted ( no guarantees that she would want it to be told as a Story, but I think I owe it to others to tell About it, to help those out there who might Need it ).

Karezza – or Synergy really is the way to go. 🙂