How has your relationship and life changed once you started practicing

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      How has your relationship and life changed once you started practicing this type of sexuality?

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      None of my relationships lasted – until I found a partner who would be consistent with a Synergy practice. Two decades later, we’re still together. It really greases the gears. We end up laughing about our differences instead of staying angry. Powerful practice.

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      I like this topic. Truthfully I will admit that it felt as if I didn’t have a life before learning about slow sacred sexuality. The reason is because my relationships were always being sabotaged by the animal program – being pushed around by the drive to seek out novelty or bigger and better orgasms. What I eventually discovered is that there is far more satisfaction and pleasure in comforting my partner with sexuality through loving kindness and affection. It takes time to work out the snags, but I would never go back to conventional sex.

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      My life got better on so many levels. I kept thinking I had to get other areas of my life ‘right’ first before looking for a suitable partner. A wise friend told me that finding a partner first was the better approach then everything else would fall into line. It took me years of starting and stopping to find that my friend was right. Duh! Basically, I became more focused and settled and very much less anxious about life. Over the years I’ve learned to trust the “Giant Hand” and that things will work out in divine timing, not my timing. By being consistent in the practice of Synergy, we have built a good life together with good health, god cheer and enough money to meet all our needs. I look and feel better now than I did 10 years ago before I started this practice in ernest. My husband looks more handsome to me every day and he has reduced medication to almost nothing on a range of minor but irritating conditions that sapped his energy.He is more confident than ever before and we laugh a lot.We are amazed at how productive we are on the work front. I am convinced it is our daily snuggling and Synergy practice that fuels our wellbeing.

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