“Sanctification and Cheating Among Emerging Adults”

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      I found this paper intriguing, given that this site collects diverse sacred sex traditions.

      Abstract here: https://synergyexplorers.org/research/pair-bonding/human-pair-bonding/sanctification-and-cheating-among-emerging-adults/

      The present study evaluated a potential predictor of cheating that is more spiritual than formally religious, the “psychospiritual” concept of relationship sanctification (i.e., the idea that one’s relationship itself is sacred). In a sample of college students in committed relationships (N = 716), we found that higher levels of self-reported relationship sanctification were associated with a lower likelihood of both physical and emotional cheating even when accounting for plausible alternate explanations…

      Anyone have any thoughts on whether “sanctification” has made a difference in their relationships?

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