So how do you approach a woman without sounding like a jerk? In my opinion, talking to a woman is easy. But I have seen a lot of guys make complete asses of themselves. As when guys approach a girl with stupid one-liners such as, “Hey I saw you from across the street and just had to come say hello – wow, you are so hot, we should like totally hang out sometime,” or “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?  Where’d you go to school?” You sound like a dimwit.

If I was a woman I’d be so annoyed with this kind of pick-up line I’d probably roll my eyes. I’ve seen women do that.

Talking to a woman doesn’t require a mastermind technique. Just be natural, relaxed and confident and treat her like an intelligent human being. The easiest way to do this is simply to start a conversation with her.

Approaching a woman

Here’s how it works. Whenever you are out in public anywhere, such as a coffee shop, train station, grocery store – wherever – and you see a girl you find attractive, the first thing to do is walk over to her and make an observation about something. It could be about the girl, the environment,  the store you’re in, the weather – anything. Just make an observation and start talking to her.

For example,  go over to a woman at a coffee shop counter and say, “Wow, it sure is hot today.” (This sounds a little cheesy but just humour me for a moment). Now that you’ve made an observation, go into step two, which is to share a little about the observation from your point of view.

You can say something like: “Yeah, last week it was so cold and I was totally freezing my ass off, and dug out a sweater. I can’t understand what in the world is going on.” This “sharing” part is an expansion of the observation. The purpose is to show her a little about yourself, your world and the way you see things. In a sense, you are setting up a way to encourage her to share her point of view with you. This doesn’t have to last more than 10 or 15 seconds.You won’t sound like a jerk approaching a woman that way.

Open ended questions

Finally, move into the last step. The way to do this is by asking her an open ended question, and inviting her to join you in the conversation. For instance, you simply ask, “How do you feel?”  “What do you think the weather will do in the next few days?”  “What do you think’s going on with the planet?” or whatever.

Just ask her a question that can’t be answered in one or two words. If she is interested in talking to you, she will, if she isn’t, you’ll know. Depending on how she responds to you, you’ll immediately get a chance to see what kind of a person she is, or whether or not you want to continue your conversation with her.

So that’s it. A simple, three step process – an easy way to approach a woman. Make an observation, expand and share a little about what you’ve observed, and ask her opinion.