Book review of Primal Conscious Living, Loving & Dying: The Path of Divine Love, Intimacy, and Sacred Relationship by Leo K. Johnson

This is the story of an extraordinarily mystical man’s journey to find himself, love, and spiritual healing and empowerment. At 161 pages, it’s more impressionist brushstrokes than detailed memoir, but I’m thankful he wrote and released it as is, because the world needs the wisdom of this book NOW! He describes this book as “a brief overview of the important points.” Though he doesn’t emphasize it, much of the sexual focus that he calls “Dual Cultivation” resonates with an approach I’ve learned as karezza, or the practice of gentle, bonding-based sex (as contrasted with intense, pleasure-focused conventional sex).

Leo K. Johnson is an earth mage, and with what he calls “Primal Conscious Living,” he’s got a spark on a new form of living, loving and sexual connection that is rarely spoken about – especially by and for men. The book is also a loving tribute to women’s inspired sexuality, as evidenced by the author’s tribute to his late wife, Donna, including her poetry, and charming stories of their sweet marriage. The book includes highly candid vignettes about healing dark force sexual entities, weathering the onslaught of a psychopathic coroner body-snatcher (!), and the sorrowful division of a hurting family after death. This short book carries a big message and is well worth buying, reading, and giving to friends.

I’ve already recommended it to clients.

I’m an intimacy and sexuality coach. If we can figure this sex thing out, folks, we can reclaim the earth for goodness, a triumph of good over evil that will change the balance forever. It’s that important. The author writes, “My intention is to ignite a familiar spark of quiet remembrance in you; and awaken an age-old memory that you’ve never truly forgotten.” I think he succeeded, for me. I was sad to finish reading it, and went online to the Primal Conscious Explorations YouTube channel for more.

My two favorite parts of this book are a) Donna’s graceful, feisty call to action for women, in “Healing the World: The Rise of the Goddess,” and Leo K.’s teaching about “Courtly Chaste Love.” 

An excerpt from Donna’s writing:

It is obvious to me that committed couples are the ones who can heal the world by understanding the true, sacred purpose of sexuality. For the most part, we have lost the way to create a society of men and women who know how to love one another in the highest sense. And yet there is an undeniable strength within each person who seeks to bridge the gap between the separation of the sexes, especially when they mindfully engage in the daily practice of sacred sexual union with a faithful partner…

Women can heal the world! I’m simply asking women to consider what their lives could be like if they would refuse to participate in fertilization-driven sex with men. It is that easy. Making this decision takes courage, yet it is the beginning of self-empowerment, turning the tables on the old program that has been perpetuated on women, being used for the gratification of men’s insatiable sexual desires. We deserve to be tenderly loved, adored and embraced with respect and conscious sexual touch, instead of being used as sperm spittoons. 

I found myself cheering inside – A-men, A-women, thank you Donna!

I also experienced the conscious sexuality that Leo K. recounts as a beautiful beckoning to men to try integrating sex with the heart, and slow things waaaaaaaay down. His piece about the difference between sensation and stimulation was a lightning rod moment for me. That sex is primarily about energies and frequencies, another big A-HA! And his description of the process of “spiritual sexuality” was a healing balm to the mechanistic, reductionist “four phases of arousal” I learned in psychology. Thanks to Primal Conscious Living, Loving & Dying, I now have a deeper vision of a sexuality that might be both possible and fulfilling for me, based not on greedy pleasure-seeking, but heart-centered attunement and deeply satisfying relaxation.