We often hear about the importance of honouring the divine feminine in sacred sex. But what about the beautiful male energy that expresses the divine masculine?

For me, such male energy has always felt like sunshine. When in its presence I experience a subtle buzz of wellbeing, serenity and pleasure. It lifts my spirits and enlivens me. Inspiration and my determination to be of service begin to flow.

This male energy’s positive effects are not dependent upon the age, attractiveness, status or availability of the particular male “shining on me”. Any twinkle of humour, heartfelt thoughtfulness, gift of sound advice when needed, or display of creativity or excellence…can light me up. In turn, I gladly brighten men’s days with my gifts of smiles, gratitude, amusing repartee, or comforting remarks.

“Always remember you are the light”

Recently, I saw a post on a recovery forum by a man who was encouraging one of his peers to upgrade his self-image. Some of his comments were so beautiful and inspiring that I teared up.

The self-appointed coach painted a vision for the struggling guy as follows:

A wise, healthy man knows he is the spark of life, the inception of all things great and small. He knows that he is a man, and she a woman, and his only purpose is to share his gift with her and the world. If she chooses to not receive his gift, then he moves on with a wink and a smile and love in his heart, having lost nothing in return.

So let us be the light in our relationships and life.

Be authentic to yourself and with your partner on a day to day basis.

Speak your truth, even when you’re afraid to, just like the day when you first asked her out.

Love her always and lose yourself in her, but never lose yourself to receive that love. If you are truly the light, what are you doing on the dark side of the moon?

Never forget that YOU are the light, the inspiration and life-giving force to your woman and life, thus a natural born leader.

Don’t beat around the bush when you know something needs to be discussed. She knows what you’re doing, damn it, she already knows!

If you feel neediness creeping in, go away for a while, until you can regain your light. Neediness is never masculine. Neediness and desire are two entirely different things. Never forget that the mystery of life starts with you. Women thrive on your masculine spark of life (yes, even in these dark modern times).

The sun never demands anything in return, but gives its gifts freely to the world. Be the sun in all your interactions with women and life.

Never give to get. Just give and see if it’s received in return. If not, walk away to shine your beam of light on another mountain peak. Light beams don’t get annoyed by drifting clouds.

“Here Comes the Sun”

To my surprise, my strongest emotion when reading this man’s vision for men is simply overwhelming gratitude for this beautiful inner essence of maleness, and of course men themselves. How healing it is to imagine them shining their gifts out into the world instead of into their self-absorbed pursuits, as is so often the case at present. We benefit from that divine masculine energy just as we do from the sun.

Women can help by receiving men’s energy gifts with appreciation and delight. By letting go of their own self-absorption and pursuit of selfish goals, women also help men express their light. Perhaps above all, women can encourage unselfish, Synergy-style intimacy as a way to protect and enhance everyone’s mutual glow.

As women, let us imagine a world in which men perceive themselves as light-bearers and behave accordingly. It opens the possibility for us to relax into our femininity and do a better job of nurturing our partners. The constructive flow of energy between us, a beneficent synergy, must naturally follow. This can only benefit the world.

So ladies, hold a vision of men expressing their wonderful, sunny energy for the enlivening good of humankind.

And accept that, ultimately, men are the “spark of life.” Gentlemen, over to you.

Musical encouragement for us all:

Here Comes the Sun