An interesting thread appeared on the Reddit Semenretention sub not long ago. A woman started it to report the benefits she and her partner were experiencing from cultivating their sexual energy.  In the lengthy community discussion that followed she and others shared their observations.

While the entire thread is worth a read, check out some of the highlights below.

The thread was entitled, “For the Ladies” and here’s an excerpt:

I am a 21 year old female and I am hitting 40 days of not orgasming tomorrow. I plan to hit 60 and if so go even longer. My boyfriend does semen retention so that is why it sparked my interest. I feel amazing though. I have plenty benefits I would like to share with you all. The first one is this huge confidence boost I have. I rarely am feeling insecure and am constantly looking in the mirror telling myself I am beautiful. The second one is my workouts. I’ve been weight lifting for two years now but recently my workouts have been great. I feel like a beast at the gym. Another one is just wanting to stay busy and on the right track.

I started meditating and journaling almost every day now. And I also started meal prepping with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago. I cut some habits like vaping and drinking. I will occasionally drink or get a disposable but that’s been every two or three weeks compared to when I was going out every weekend. All in all, I just generally feel great. My body, spirit, and mind all feel on the right track.

I wanted to write this for the girls that might be in this group. There are not many posts with a girl’s experience or benefits out there.

The community responded with a lively discussion

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In my opinion, the orgasm is a drainage of sexual energy for women as well. In fact, sex is just that, you build up your sexual energy and then dissipate it all with a big bang (the orgasm). It’s just that the downsides are more visible for men because they lose semen too along with the orgasm. A double whammy. For women, orgasm and menstruation are two separate events, so the ill-effects are not immediately visible.

I also read this in an article on celibacy and brahmacharya:

But what about women? Never fear, Feuerstein says, the same principle of energy transmutation applies-it’s just that until the last century yoga practitioners were almost always male. “People often get confused about this,” he says. “They always think it’s the seminal discharge that’s undesirable, but it’s actually the firing of the nervous system during sexual stimulation. And that applies to both men and women.”

The speaker is a yoga practitioner.


ntb17 [Original poster]

I completely agree with you. We have been together for about four years but have been practicing semen retention for just over a year now. Our relationship has blossomed and continues to get better every step of our journey.


So do you actually see benefits everyone talks about on your bf


Yes. He is a changed man. Pretty much the same exact benefits as me!

[Question to her partner]


Question. Do you think her voice sounds better/sweeter? And does she look more viberant? What have you noticed? I’m wondering if the reason womens voices are so harsh and valley girlish is cuz of content oraghasm amoung other things. Women use to be so organically viberant, sweet, innocent and nurturing. Now not as much. They hide so Much with their makeup.


Dude yes. Sometimes I look at her and she’s literally glowing. Her voice is a little on the deeper side but now that you mention it, it has softened up.

More of the discussion


I think this is amazing, and I had dreamed of finding someone like this when I started SR years ago. I fell and climbed off and on the wagon, of course, but I am now chaste again, and meditating again.

After how long are you planning on waiting? Of course, I’m not suggesting a schedule, but are you waiting for something in particular, a kundalini release, etc. ?

Thank you for being so open and honest. For what it’s worth, I think this may be influential for my life.


We both want to feel the effects of 60 days. At least I do, my boyfriend has done 100 days of semen retention before. But no we don’t really have a set day for sex. We feel when the time is right, we will know. Like we are deserving of this reward. We also cant wait. I wish you the best on your journey. There is someone out there who will share the same beliefs as you.


Personally, I’m a virgin, but I’ve reached a state of ecstasy from multi hour meditation sessions, and I cannot wait to do those with my wife either. I just have to meet her 🙂


Wow just wow. I heard you can feel in a constant state of ecstasy when you are constantly meditating for a long time. I’ve only been practicing meditation for a year now but Ive been constant for the last month. I just do five minutes every day.

Further reflections


I dont think I would of ever been able to start this habits if I was orgasming all the time. When I would cum, It would take about two weeks for me to feel like my normal self. Otherwise I was insecure, irritable, would argue with my boyfriend. I would definitely say not having sex and keeping all of this sexual energy in me has pushed me to have these better habits!


So cool to see a women’s perspective on it, I would say most of us(including myself) were unsure what kind of effect abstaining would have for a woman. This was a very enlightening post.

Sounds like your doing great, thanks for sharing!

What does this mean?


This may explain why teenage girls tend to perform better academically at school than boys. I think they tend to be more disciplined by not masturbating as much as teenage boys which translates to more stable energy levels. I’ve always wondered how girls were able to seem controlled in their sexuality, I figured religion, society or maybe parental guidance caused them to be so, maybe it could they’re not cumming every day like the fellas?


It’s not external factors like religion, society and parental guidance that’s a factor. Sure, they can play a part- but what would u say to a boy that lives in the exact same environment? I mean, I’m pretty sure I masturbated much more than my sister (we’re only two years apart) and we’ve been influenced by the same environment. Females are just differently biologically charged than men are and that’s why they probably masturbate less. A guy can literally get aroused in a split second and orgasm in a split second, whereas it takes longer for a female. I’m tired of society trying to make as if male and female are the same. We are not, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Don’t want draining partner


I always recommend that women visit the red pill women sub, because there there are the most admirable women I’ve seen, something hard to find in the modern world. However it has always bugged me that these women do not understand the benefits of retaining the sexual energy, in fact they make on of their best talents to give sexual satisfaction to the man. And yes, this is something valuable for the avarage man, but I’ve always thought for myself that I don’t want a woman to drain me of energy and keep me useless, I want to see what else has a woman to offer which is not sexually draining. So even if I encourage women to rather go to that sub I think this might be the appropriate one for you since women there won’t be able to understand you.


Ive personally looked at that sub and wasn’t a big fan of some of the content girls post but thanks for understanding!

Orgasm drawbacks


I dont completely agree with you. I used to orgasm and have sex very often and it was completely draining for me. Sex and cumming should be for reproductive purposes only. Thats why we practice karezza sometimes to release some of our energy but we wont cum. But these last 40 days, no we haven’t had sex. My experience has been very similar to my boyfriends.


I believe orgasm itself is very taxing and stressful to our body. It requires a lot of energy and when it happens it sends electric shocks to our whole body which sure is pleasurable but might be very damaging to our nervous system.

Why the benefits?


Good for you! There is massive misunderstanding between guys here why semen retention works. They think its about semen, but most of the benefits dont come from semen but from hormonal management.

When we orgasm and ejaculate our body releases tons of hormones which effect our thinking, feeling and behaviour. Females can not ejaculate but you can still orgasm, which still triggers a hormonal reset.

Its about avoiding this hormonal reset from where most of the benefits come from.


Yes! Ive read a book about all of this and a women’s brain is unbalanced for about two weeks after they orgasm. It would always take a good week for me to feel like my normal self when I would cum. But now that I am retaining all of this sexual energy and putting it into something else, I feel great

Further thoughts


That’s so cool, power couple vibes! If you ever eventually want to have sex again you should follow sexualkungfu on IG, he and his girlfriend practice non-ejaculatory sex and it essentially builds up sexual energy within both ppl and it helps with transmutation. Meaning all the benefits you’ve experienced can be enhanced with a conscious type of intercourse. This isn’t widely accepted on this sub but I think it’d be limiting not to look into it further


I find the explanation of “vital fluid”, “reabsorbing nutrients” etc rather superficial. If it was so, simply consuming more of these nutrients would have the same effect as SR, but it’s not so. I don’t see anyone here explicitly focusing on getting more of these nutrients instead of quitting PMO. So I don’t see any reason why women shouldn’t experience the same benefits as men while practicing abstinence from PMO.

Thoughts on karezza


Karezza right? We have practiced karezza before!


I didn’t know it was called that but ya it seems like it! I haven’t tried it myself yet, how did it work out?


It was great but I definitely think it was harder to control our sexual urges after. We also would have a chaser effect after. I think our brain was just left wanting more. But it was definitely a nice experience. We felt very in love and just wanting to be near each other after.

Thoughts on discussion location


Going by technicalities alone, this post should belong to r/Karezza. Though OP’s post does give a perspective to those who think that women’s orgasms are harmless. So it may encourage retainers to motivate their girlfriends/ wives to abstain. Resulting in better relationships. But yes, this sub might not be the place.


r/pornfreewomen is a better place to inspire countless girls and reach out to a larger audience in the same boat as you. Your boyfriend’s experience with SR would be well received and noted by others in this group.


I say my experience has also been well received! I have been porn free for over a year so I personally feel that I have overcame that already but thanks for your input!

A new sub?


Start a sub this way I can redirect women there. There are so many women that could use your support.


My boyfriend started semen retention a year ago and it sparked my interest too. Im doing if for self improvement. I realized orgasming all the time just brought me down and I wanted to try this. Its the best thing a women can do I feel like. And I will check it out later! Also I think im going to make a sub for women practicing this later tonight too! I would love for her to join!