As a couple we practice karezza and also natural birth control (NBC). Sometimes people ask us questions.

What is natural birth control?

It is a form of birth control that aligns with the natural state of the female body.

How does it work?

NBC consists of two practices working in conjunction: 1) A woman following her cycle accurately to know what her fertile days are. 2) Participating in Karezza, a way of making love in which a man does not ejaculate.

What if I’m not happy with the birth control method I’m using?

Whether you experience physical or emotional symptoms, it’s never too late to try NBC. You will most likely see changes to your mood and stress lessen almost immediately.

How long can I be on NBC?

As long as you like! There is no limit.

Do I need to use other forms of contraception with natural birth control for it to be effective? 

No. In fact, it would defeat the purpose if you did.

Will I have trouble getting pregnant after using NBC?


Does natural birth control protect against STIs?

No. NBC puts the emphasis on YOU to communicate and know your partner’s sexual history before to engaging sexually.

How do I talk to my partner about NBC?

Know as much as you can first, then invite your partner to learn about it with you. You can explain to them how you believe this to best for you, and why.

Is NBC right for me?

Are you experiencing problems with your current birth control? Do you want the least invasive birth control possible?