Can karezza increase penis size?

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penis size

Penis size! This may sound like a penis-enlargement commercial. However, some karezza lovers notice increases in length, and increased circumference is especially common.

Curious as to why this should even be possible, I reviewed my knowledge of penis anatomy. The penis has three porous structures: one on each side, and one on the lower side of the shaft. Specialized muscles block the outflow of blood when there is sexual arousal.

The blood locked within the penis causes it to become erect, stretching the porous structures. After ejaculation or termination of sexual stimulation, the blood leaves the penis and it becomes flaccid.

Penis size is primarily congenital. It’s related to the release of sexual hormones during childhood and puberty. During adulthood, therefore, there’s not much that can be done to increase the size of a penis permanently. The most popular techniques are augmenting sexual hormones and traction.

My guess is that karezza accomplishes a version of both effortlessly. This may, in turn, explain the unanticipated increases in penis size after men switch to karezza.

During sexual arousal, men release sexual hormones and maintain erections, stretching the porous structures. However, conventional (orgasmic) sex tends to be rather brief, perhaps 10-15 minutes, followed by a profound refractory period. Sexual excitement typically plummets immediately after ejaculation.


With karezza, arousal and enjoyment of sex typically last for at least twice as long, if not longer. Because lovers don’t exhaust their desire, many enjoy making love more frequently than with conventional sex. (Obviously, new lovers tend to make love a lot regardless.)

In contrast with conventional sex, karezza provides a more demanding “workout schedule” for the penis. It stretches it for longer periods of time. It also keeps arousal high for longer, likely increasing the flow of sexual hormones. Arousal stimulates and nourishes the entire sexual region.

There is no ejaculation after karezza, so erections fade more slowly. Interestingly, men also often report that their flaccid penis size increases. This suggests that more blood is retained in the penis even when it is not erect, again stretching it slightly.

In short, one or two weeks into your karezza practice, don’t be surprised if your penis is more prominent. Higher levels of sexual hormones plus increased stretching of the penis appear to expand the porous tubes inside it, allowing the penis to become longer and increase in diameter.

Gains in penis size may continue over time, as your erections become stronger and last longer. These improvements may be especially gratifying for those who were suffering from some degree of erectile dysfunction.

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