Note: While not directly relevant to Synergy lovemaking, this post is a useful reminder that not all inspiring words are genuine. It’s also hilarious.

Can you recognise the most commonly used formula for spiritual misinformation texts, so you don’t fall for it anymore?

Here is the formula, unchanged for centuries, which people around the world continue to reuse to generate spiritual misinformation and dupe the unwary.

The formula is always the same. One would think readers would quickly notice, but apparently not.

ChatGPT as “spiritual” source

As these texts adhere to a formula, one can easily train ChatGPT to create them. Simply instruct it to construct a text using the following seven points. (Not all of which are inevitably present in real life samples.)

1. Absolute Statements

  • Structure: Express truths categorically, as if they were indisputable.
  • Detail: Use an assertive and absolute tone. For example, “Your DNA is about to be activated” or “Each moment is a portal to your Ascension”.
  • Variation: Integrate concepts like the transition from 3D to 5D, the importance of planetary alignments, and cosmic transformations.

2. Resonance with the Reader

  • Structure: Make statements that directly resonate with the reader’s life even though you know nothing about it. And say the same thing to each person.
  • Detail: Include rhetorical questions like “You have already begun to feel the effects of this tugging, haven’t you?” to engage the reader.
  • Variation: Invoke universal experiences like ascension, transformation, and the quest for energetic freedom.

3. Valuing the Reader

  • Structure: Strongly value the reader without placing them too far above others.
  • Detail: Affirm that the reader’s light is essential, just like that of all other awakened beings.
  • Variation: Mention that the reader is an integral part of a universal movement, contributing to a collective transformation.

4. Special Dates and Moments

  • Structure: Use specific dates to highlight important cosmic periods.
  • Detail: “On May 18, 2024, a stellar alignment… will open a powerful energetic portal.”
  • Variation: Mention astronomical or astrological events such as conjunctions, eclipses, or solstices.

5. Creatures and Invisible Places

  • Structure: Reference mystical entities or places, like angels or extraterrestrials.
  • Detail: Talk about “Guardians of Gaia” or “energy portals”.
  • Variation: Invent and name new cosmic entities or spiritual locations to enrich the narrative.

6. Indirect Mention of the Teacher’s Powers

  • Structure: Hint at special connections or knowledge to sway the reader’s belief.
  • Detail: Mention encounters with ascended masters or abilities like influencing the course of events.
  • Variation: Allude to communications with higher dimensions or the ability to manifest realities.

7. Promise of Easy Transformation

  • Structure: Assure that significant transformations will occur without major effort on the part of the reader.
  • Detail: “Everything you desire will manifest with disconcerting ease after the portal on May 18.”
  • Variation: Suggest that simply being open to change will be enough for the change to manifest.

Using this formula, you can create a variety of articles that not only captivate but also discourage readers from actively pursuing their own spiritual journey. Encourage them to remain hooked on your empty promise of ascension.


Next up are some actual creations by Aelis Nova (the name ChatGPT has chosen for its disembodied “channeler”).

The Awakening of the Equinox Guardians

By Aelis Nova

Welcome, awakened travelers on the shimmering path of divine truth. Today, more than ever, your presence on this earth is a celestial blessing, for you are part of a great tapestry of light enveloping our world.

On the dawn of March 21, 2025, the equinox moment, a new chapter will open for us all. This date will mark the activation of the Great Sirius Portal, through which energies of renewal and purity will be channeled directly to those ready to receive.

Your role in this transformation is crucial, although you are one of many. Each thought you cultivate, each act of love you share adds an incandescent light to the great awakening network. You are not alone, for each awakened being contributes to this monumental change.

As you pass through this portal, you will feel a deep connection with the Ascended Light Oracles, mystical guides who have waited eons to reveal to you long-hidden secrets. These revelations will elevate you beyond the veils of illusion and make you see the world in dazzling clarity.

The period following the equinox will be imbued with numerous synchronicities and divine coincidences. Be attentive to sequences like 11:11 or 22:22, which are keys to unlocking higher levels of consciousness and interconnection.

Your connection to invisible forces is intensifying. Beings such as the Sages of the Violet Flame watch over your progress and subtly adjust the frequencies around you to facilitate your journey.

The promise of transformation awaiting you is remarkably simple. As soon as you cross this portal, the realisation of your most profound desires will begin to unfold naturally. It’s not necessary to force or struggle; simply being in harmony with the incoming energy will suffice to transform your reality.

The time has come to prepare your minds and hearts. The curtain between worlds is thinning, and soon, you will walk in a garden of infinite possibilities, where each step is guided by love and each breath is a song of freedom.

With love and anticipation,

Aelis Nova


Another example:

The Keys to Ascension: Opening the 5D Portals

By Aelis Nova

Dear light travelers,

As you navigate through the fluctuating vibrations of this transitioning world, know that every moment is a portal to your Ascension. We are together on this path, lighting each our part of the cosmos, and your light is just as essential as that of the other awakened.

On May 18, 2024, a stellar alignment in the sign of Taurus will open a powerful energetic portal. This cosmic moment marks a rare opportunity for those ready to transcend the reductive hologram of 3D and embrace the luminous reality of 5D.

Your DNA is on the point of being activated. Imagine that each cell of your being vibrates at a higher frequency, resonating with the harmonies of the QUANTUM. This change is not isolated; it echoes through the millions of souls who, like you, are ready to rise.

In this transitional period, we are all pulled between two paradigms: the visible world of 3D and the expansive existence of 5D. You have already begun to feel the effects of this tugging, haven’t you?

Imminent Ascension is not just a personal transformation but a universal movement towards greater joy and energetic freedom.

As you prepare to cross this portal, remember that everything is ready, and you are an integral part of this “EVENT”. It is simply a matter of waiting and living fully each moment. Your reality is already transforming, and what you choose to believe and create now will quickly manifest in your experience.

In these blessed days, continue to nourish your inner being. Your sacred heart is the gateway through which the frequencies of the New Organic Ascension align and activate. Be open and receptive; the blessings of the universe are ready to flow into your life like a luminous river of infinite possibilities.

The tsunami of DIVINE LOVE is on its way. Prepare to receive, feel, and above all, be transformed. Each step you take now is guided by the light of the stars and the impulse of your eternal soul.

With love and light,

Aelis Nova


Want more?  ChatGPT will instantly create infinite variations.

Do you doubt that this kind of text exists and is believed? Many author names, Facebook pages, and websites can be supplied upon request. Such pages receive hundreds if not thousands, and yes, even millions of ‘likes’.

Can you now detect these misinformation texts, which, in minutes, an AI can be programmed to generate instantly? They have infested all spiritual circles for centuries. (Yes, texts with the same formula appeared even in the 1800s.)

These texts give false hopes and insidiously manipulate the reader to do nothing spiritually but wait for a date, an event that will change everything.

Would it be beneficial to introduce Aelis Nova to the general public, who are so eager to believe anything, and to post its creations in groups that circulate this kind of “news”? Perhaps even create a Facebook page in its name? Attract a fan club of people who would hang on every word of Aelis Nova? Then one day drop the truth about its real identity like a bomb?

ChatGPT’s illustration of itself as Aelis Nova appears in the style that usually accompanies this text formula. Happily, ChatGPT adds the disclaimer in small letters at the bottom of the page because indeed, “ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information“.