free audio course

A friend of the site created this free audio course about karezza (a variation of Synergy-style sex). It’s a great way to introduce a lover to the concept. If you’re solo for now, use the “Enlightened sex” audio course to educate yourself for the future. And visit this page while you wait.

The course explains the wisdom behind a different approach to lovemaking. It also addresses many practical considerations. It is only 48 minutes long, plus 11 optional FAQs.

Want to get started? Visit to enroll for free. ( does not use your personal information for any purpose but facilitating your enrollment.)

Note: The 2nd FAQ in the audio course touches on comfortable positions for this style of lovemaking. See illustrations below.

Images by Meg Frampton

If you prefer to read than listen, check out the free download from Synergy: The Book at the bottom of each page.

Yab yum works best where the partner sitting on top is much shorter than the other.

For side-lying position, try a two-step approach. Start with "missionary" position, with the woman's legs wrapped around the man's waist, and then roll to your sides.