The Joy of Pulsing

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The joy of pulsing

What is the joy of pulsing? This is difficult to describe. Whenever I have talked to other men about it, most have no earthly idea what I am talking about. As a result, I’ve puzzled about this over the years. I suspect it is because they are either sexually unhealthy or in a state of depletion.

When a man attends to (cultivates/conserves) his sexual energy, meaning he is not depleting himself or sabotaging his vital energy, then he is naturally able to “flow” this life force into his partner. There is a build-up of electrical charge in his body. This activity has been called by various names in different cultures. For instance ‘karezza’ and ‘male continence‘ are two such examples. Some spiritual traditions refer to a similar practice and call it sacred sex.

By deeply connecting the penis and vagina, there is an exchange as the “electrical” quality of the man harmonizes with the “magnetic” charge of the woman. The result is sometimes a “pulsing”. The man’s prostate will literally vibrate or throb rhythmically. This is the joy of pulsing

Squeezing the urogenital muscles can often jump-start it. This gentle pulsing phenomenon is extremely pleasurable. It’s highly stimulating to the vagina and cervix as well.

This spontaneous sensation seems to be dependent upon a man’s lifestyle choices. He must be interested in absorbing biogenic (life-generating) energy from the natural world. It’s not something that happens easily. It takes time to cultivate. It takes cleansing one’s body of toxins, cleansing one’s mind of grievances, lustful thoughts, hatred and prejudice.

And most of all, the joy of pulsing requires that a man love his woman with all his heart.