If you have ever had a smart phone with a weak battery, you’ve probably noticed how it cannot hold a charge very long. In using it, the backlight fades too quickly and the speaker quality is compromised. Truthfully, it is a pain in the butt. This is an analogue of the problem of depleted men.

When we men cannot hold a “sexual” charge, because we are depleted most of the time, it’s a drag for the woman. She isn’t able to “draw” from us the intensity of “presence” that she wants and needs. This is one of the fundamental problems in our society today – sexually depleted men.

There are probably numerous causes for this, but suffice it to say, the main culprits are internet porn and poor lifestyle choices. Face it; the majority of men don’t seem to give a flip about their health. And so, why should a woman be intimately attracted to such a guy? He’s not likely to be around for long.

Going back to the smart phone analogy, let me put it like this: if you want to be able to communicate and connect with a woman sexually – then you need a strong, charged battery. You need to be electric all the time, and not walk around in a “discharged” state.

How can men hold their sexual “charge”

How do you do this? It comes down to three basic things.

1) Don’t masturbate. And what I mean is – don’t stimulate your genitals to the point where you ejaculate. Just stop doing it.

2) Eat a healthy diet. Avoid fried, canned and microwaved foods, fast food, sodas, sugar and especially recreational drugs.

3) Exercise your body regularly. It doesn’t matter what you do, just move. Whether you like to bike, jog, lift weights, hike, practice yoga, Tai Chi, sports – whatever it is – do it.

These three simple lifestyle choices will do a lot to keep your physical body functioning properly. But there is one more thing to understand if you truly want to have satisfying intimacy with a woman. And that is, Love her from your Heart, and let that love extend through your vitalised body. It doesn’t work to approach a woman with an attitude of trying to take or get something from her.

I learned long ago that a man is built to serve. It is in our nature to extend life-force energy to a woman. When we can grasp and fully appreciate this idea, when we can adapt our primitive animal brain programming away from its inherent biological tendency toward “fertilisation driven sex,” then we can begin to tap into an endless well-spring of vital life-force. It is a natural current of dynamic sexual energy that flows through us easily and effortlessly.

Overcoming the problem of depleted men

In summary, a man’s body needs to hold a charge of sexual, vital energy. In order to cultivate and sustain it, we must make a choice. And that choice is simple: refuse to discharge! Refuse to waste your creative, sexual energy. Instead, learn to harness and hold it within yourself. Then you will have an eternal, ever flowing spring of universal life energy to extend to the woman you love. Just Love your Woman with all your Heart.