Australian mother  Janet McGeever delivered ths TEDx talk, “It’s called making love, isn’t it?”. Like so many parents today, she had found it difficult  to talk to her teenage daughter about sex and pornography. Likewise, as with so many teenagers, the daughter didn’t want to hear her thoughts. Only after McGeever learned more about tantric sex with her partner was she able to speak from the heart. She could then say what making love is really about. This time her daughter listened.

In this talk, McGeever explains how male and female bodies are like magnets. She calls on principles from certain traditional forms of tantric sexual practice. Here she explains how the women primarily loves from the heart region, like a mother nurtures a baby. Her beautiful, vital energy emanates from there and resonates with her genitals, taking time to open. By contrast, she relates how for a man his dynamic quality is in his genitals already. She advises how a man needs time to shift the energy from the genitals to the heart. That is his receptive area. That way he can become focused. The heart is where we experience love…or create emotional separation between a man and a woman.

She relates how conventional sex is often about goal seeking. For many women, the focus is on getting it over and done with. It is not focused in the present moment. Furthermore, we lose a lot of heat in the doing of it, so need to ramp up the fire again and upset the magnetic sensitivity between our bodies. She recommends a Synergy-like version of tantric sex as a way to open the heart and create sustainable harmony in the sexual couple.