This video is a TEDx talk on The Power of Mindful Sex by Diana Richardson. Richardson is a sex educator, who describes the difference between mind-filled sex (hot sex) and mindful sex (a cooler approach). In short, it is the difference between an intention to go for either goal-oriented sex or for non-orgasmic sex. It is, in effect, the practice that we call Synergy.

She says the easiest way to describe the power of mindful sex is to highlight some of the contrasts with conventional sex. When we bring mindfulness in, certain shifts and changes occur:

  • From premature ejaculation to lasting much longer, even hours;
  • From performance pressure and stress to taking it easy;
  • Moving physical pain to physical pleasure;
  • From disconnection and sadness to feeling bonded with a partner and interest returning; and
  • From feeling used or seeing sex as a duty to feeling valued and appreciated.

That shift sounds good, but how do we shift to mindful sex away from conventional practices? In this video Richardson sets out nine basic principles of how to achieve harmonious couple relations. She covers much, from making sufficient time with one’s partner to having a sense of humour. Mindful sex can become a way of life.