This video is an enthusiastic report of a man’s experiments using karezza in the bedroom after he has given up porn. He suggests this is the next stage of recovery for those using websites such as NoFap, for example. Having reduced their sexual activity after quitting masturbation to porn sites, they will “have gold in their gold sacks”. He uses some rapper language to get his points across. This man is new to karezza but recognises that the purpose is to establish intimacy and create harmony in the relationship.

He makes it clear that orgasm is not the be-all and end-all of sex. His account is a direct plea to men who want to show off their sexual prowess in the bedroom with a range of pumps and grinds. He cautions them to be patient. Instead he advises them that they should start outside of the bedroom. They should pay attention to their woman, “take it slowly, connect with her, look her in the eyes and really establish some intimacy.” His tips including setting a timer for 20 minutes to warm things up between them with caresses and lots and lots of kissing before going in. He says women will appreciate all this attention and be hardly able to concentrate at work they will be so keen to get home again to their man for more loving karezza in the bedroom.