Sometimes people wonder whether Synergy benefits same-sex partners. This thread by same-sex female partners was spotted on r/karezza:

My partner and I are both female, our understanding of karezza is similar to edging, where we intentionally push each other to a highly aroused state but not to the point of orgasm. However, I note that what we enjoy to do is something very repetitive – kissing for hours and grinding with fully body contact.

My question is, do you think it’s common for two partners to engage in every repetitive and prolonged kissing and grinding? Or are we doing this wrong?

Another poster:

I think it should be very common and it seems wonderful to me. How do you feel a day or so afterwards? Seems ideal to me but how do you feel later?

Original poster:

To be honest, I feel extremely energetic afterwards, especially during the day time. I can feel the sexual tension and energy, and I try my best to channel that into daily things. My partner and I are enjoying the “never ending buildup”, it’s a physical process, but at the same time it feels like a mental duel between us where we try to push and restrain each other at same time.