Living Sacred Sexuality

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Sacred sex to me means that making love is more than just a mind and body experience. It also includes an element that makes us feel part of something larger, something sacred. In this blog I will sketch out some of my experiences using karezza, a form of sacred sexuality, to guide how I have built my intimate relationship with … Read More

Can karezza increase penis size?

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penis size

Penis size! This may sound like a penis-enlargement commercial. However, some karezza lovers notice increases in length, and increased circumference is especially common. Curious as to why this should even be possible, I reviewed my knowledge of penis anatomy. The penis has three porous structures: one on each side, and one on the lower side of the shaft. Specialized muscles … Read More

The Karezza Method: 5 Reasons To Try This Spiritual Sexual Practice

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by Kesiena Boom, MS When it comes to sex, we usually talk about orgasms as not only the indicator of successful sex—but as sex’s ultimate goal. Enter the karezza method. The karezza method’s origins. Karezza is a slow and sensual way of having sex that entirely removes climax from the sexual equation, leaving space for emotional connection and heightened affection. … Read More