Can Synergy help you keep your resolutions?

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Wondering how you’re going to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Researchers widely acknowledge self-control as a key predictor of productive, happy, and healthy lives. Now, new research suggests why Synergy lovemaking might be a great way to improve your chances of keeping your resolutions. Is our capacity for self-control fixed? Scientists long assumed that self-control arose (or not) early in … Read More

The importance of touch

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Experts discuss the role of touch in the context of research results from 40,000 survey subjects from 100 countries. Read the article Listen to the podcast Touch is a critical element of mammalian attachment. For more see What are bonding behaviours?

10+ lifetime sexual partners linked to heightened cancer risk


If you’ve been lagging behind in the sexual revolution, not to worry. It might reduce your likelihood of cancer. BMJ Press release. A history of 10 or more lifetime sexual partners links to a heightened risk of cancer. Research published online in the journal BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health reveals this. And the findings indicate that among women, a higher … Read More

Is mutual sexual desire indispensable?

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Reading an article about asexuality by Natasha McKeever, I was struck by the paragraphs describing how asexual people can have successful sexual and romantic relationships. For example: [Some asexuals] will engage in sex in particular contexts and for particular reasons, eg, to benefit a partner, to feel close to someone, to relax, to benefit their mental health, and so on. … Read More

Research: Less sex, but rougher

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Young adults are having less sex than in recent decades. However, people who do have sex appear to be engaging in rougher sex than in previous decades. The study used a nationally representative sample. This especially applied to young adults. Particularly concerning are the high rates of choking. However, researchers also investigated spanking, name calling, performing aggressive fellatio, facial ejaculation, … Read More

Study: Postcoital Symptoms in a Convenience Sample of Men and Women

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postcoital symptoms

Abstract Introduction Postcoital dysphoria (PCD) is a condition characterised by inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, and/or irritability. Previous research into postcoital symptoms has mostly focused on these 3 symptoms. It had failed to explore other symptoms that can occur after sexual activity. Aim The aim of the present study was to get a more in-depth understanding of postcoital symptom variety, … Read More