Menopause, Intimacy & Tantra – Janet McGeever (podcast)

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menopause intimacy tantra

Is menopause interfering with your love life? You may want to try gentle tantra to renew your intimacy and nourish each other going forward. In this “Better Relationships” podcast, host Todd Zemek speaks with Janet McGeever. They discuss whether a non-performance-oriented approach to sex can help couples strengthen their sexual connection during and after menopause. Listen to podcast (53 min.) … Read More

What is Tantra?

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What is the difference between Tantra and everything else related to sacred sexuality / sexuality consciousness / Sex Magick / etc? There is a strong tendency to put them all in the same basket labelled “Tantra”. The term Tantra (and here I will not speak of Tantric Buddhism, which is a whole different subject) often refers to sacred texts (“Tantras”). … Read More

Solving the puzzle of human existence

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Have you ever thought trying to solve the puzzle of human existence? What puzzle? I believe one of the great goals of life is to understand the puzzle of existence that is placed in front of each and every human being. To solve it, one should first be able to fully see reality from this perspective. Many can not do … Read More