Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden

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The initial trailer, “Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden” is for the related, longer documentary “The Great Arkanum* Gnostic Teachings.” See below. Trailer (3.40 – followed by full length video) Watch full length documentary (1hr. 15) According to the documentary, the Great Arcanum* is the secret of secrets. It states that sex is the secret gate back to Eden. Seekers … Read More

Animation about what love is

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what love is

This sweet, soothing animation about ‘what love is’, is a reminder about the importance of simple affection between mates. How many of these caring attentions do you exchange with each other? You may also enjoy this FAQ on bonding behaviours, which explains the biological significance of these behaviours.

Sex too soon kills relationships

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Vlogger Aahana discusses the experience of herself and her friends. In her view, having too much orgasmic sex early in a relationship is problematic. It discourages couples from investing the energy that enables them to get to know each other deeply. Casual lovers tend to skip steps such as asking searching questions and discussing the responsibilities that go with sexual … Read More

The Power of Mindful Sex | Diana Richardson | TEDxLinz

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This video is a TEDx talk on The Power of Mindful Sex by Diana Richardson. Richardson is a sex educator, who describes the difference between mind-filled sex (hot sex) and mindful sex (a cooler approach). In short, it is the difference between an intention to go for either goal-oriented sex or for non-orgasmic sex. It is, in effect, the practice … Read More

Meet The Karezza Couple (Gentle, No Orgasm Sex)


Karezza couple Paul and Shelby are young Americans. Porn recovery coach Gold Jacket Luke interviews them. The trio discuss ways of helping recovering porn addicts by encouraging them to experiment with an alternative form of love making. It is called karezza. It’s about gentle, no orgasm sex that promotes closeness and bonding between a couple rather than focusing on high … Read More

Using Karezza in the Bedroom

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Karezza in the bedroom

This video is an enthusiastic report of an African American man’s experiments using karezza in the bedroom after he has given up porn. He suggests this is the next stage of recovery for those using websites such as NoFap, for example. Having reduced their sexual activity after quitting masturbation to porn sites, they will “have gold in their gold sacks”. … Read More

It’s called Making Love isn’t it? | TEDxNoosa 2013 | Janet McGeever

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Australian mother  Janet McGeever delivered ths TEDx talk, “It’s called making love, isn’t it?”. Like so many parents today, she had found it difficult  to talk to her teenage daughter about sex and pornography. Likewise, as with so many teenagers, the daughter didn’t want to hear her thoughts. Only after McGeever learned more about tantric sex with her partner was … Read More

Interview with professor Daniel Lieberman MD – Romantic love

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This video is about romantic love. It is an excerpt from a discussion between psychiatrist and author Professor Daniel Lieberman and  entrepreneur podcaster, Patrick Bet-David on the book The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity – and Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race. Look below for more details about … Read More