synergy explorers“Otoman Zar-Adusht-Hanish” was apparently an alias of Otto Hanisch, a German who emigrated from Poznań to the United States. He was arrested for sending Inner studies; a course of twelve lessons to people. It was deemed obscene because of its frank, unconventional discussion of sex. He died in 1936.

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[p. 161] Is it not strange how many people in matrimonial ties, although well mated in every way, after a few months of blissful existence, after a short time of happiness in the marital embrace and affection for each other, drift into lives of discord? Have you noticed that the man once so attentive to his betrothed, anxiously waiting for the moments of blissful courtship and so willing to pick up even the hatpin that has dropped to the ground by the banks of the running brook in the shade of night, where unobserved they could freely speak of their love, wandering about like happy little children, now that they possess each other, should be too tired even to answer the bell, rung by the once beloved one returning home loaded with bundles of goody-goodies, to be prepared for his pampered stomach?

Is it not strange that her highest ideal which she once entertained of him, who to her was the best of men and the exception of all men, so sweet, so loving, so charming, so gentle, so heroic, for how often has he lifted her over the shadow on the carpet, now sinks before her to the lowest depths of despisal, contempt, disgust, and hatred? Such are only too often the experiences of the married which cannot be denied. But why should this be? Is he to blame? Is she at fault? …

[168] Where properly managed and with pure thought, sexual magnetism will be exchanged and thrills experienced, that resemble those induced by genital contact very closely. Such love contact will act refreshingly to the physical nature and be of more value [169] to the general health than the abnormal method of uncontrolled passion.

Men are greatly mistaken when they think that women seek genital contact whenever they evince a great desire for love-making. She may at regular periods allow herself by proper and unsolicited conditions to submit to genital contact, but even in this case it may merely be to express her affection. Genital contact without previous courtship, love-making and caressing, is disgusting to both parties at the end of the act and a detriment to the congeniality of both, as no exchange of sex magnetism takes place.

[170] the act should never be performed when either party is exhausted by over-work, grief, or anxiety. Consequently the morning after a good night’s rest is the best time. The enjoyment of the sexual embrace lies in the exchange of magnetism between the male and the female. In order to generate this magnetism for good and secure its complete enjoyment, the act should be prolonged for hours, in accordance with regulations to be learned and acquired by patience and thoughtful observation. It is true that the majority of men are unable to sufficiently prolong the act, but by persistent practice this accomplishment can be attained and the results will be astonishing.

When sufficient experience has been had to enable the parties to prolong the embrace for several hours it will be found that complete satisfaction has been secured and there will be no necessity to terminate the act with an orgasm. It will, of course, be impossible to secure the full benefits of this method at the first attempt, but continued practice will increase the enjoyment and the act can be brought completely under the control of will. When this has been done you are prepared to copulate correctly and to secure the highest enjoyment of which a human being is capable.

What is there in the ordinary method, which usually takes less than five minutes [171] and consists only of a premature orgasm, as compared with the continuous enjoyment for one or more hours? Very few people seem to understand the benefits of the exchange of sex magnetism and the prolonged act of intercourse.

The generative fluid, or semen, is the life-giving principle and it is of great benefit to the male to retain it, in which event the vital forces are greatly strengthened by its being taken up and used in the upbuilding of the brain and the nervous system in general, thereby quickening the bodily organs to greater action. Withdrawal of the male organ at a time when orgasm begins is injurious to the male and should be avoided. Withdrawal at such moment reverses the magnetic flow and counteracts the benefits otherwise received. Each should keep the other informed as to their condition and when the climax is about to be reached, this being especially important to the male, all motion should cease.

[172] If performed too often, the system has no time to recover its magnetic condition, and therefore should not be indulged in excepting when the feeling of ecstatic exaltation is experienced, which varies in different individuals according to the amount of vitality possessed, and has to be determined by the interested parties themselves.

[179] The semen is to be ejaculated only when intended for reproduction of the species. When engaged in cohabitation for mere love expression, ejaculation must be prevented. To do this requires control. Where such control is not, it proves that the nervous system is diseased and the mind of a scattering tendency, drifting about without any real purpose in life and an object of mere circumstances. … where two parties engage in an act of this nature, it is of vital importance to both to possess control and to follow each other’s emotions with attention and concentration.

[181] Nature allows no suppression, it wants control. Quite frequently men will suppress the ejaculation and generally at a moment where it is not only too late to preserve the fluids but when the functions are too abnormal to redeem the seminal fluids for absorption. Not only is it detrimental to the prostate gland to suppress, but to the nervous system as well, calling forth complications of a serious nature.

To avoid such unnecessary maladies we will have to follow the instructions of the previous lessons and in addition to this where there is insufficient control, the male organ is to be placed into cold water and bathed, whenever a tendency towards suppression should be noticed. This will not only prevent enlargement of the prostate gland but aid in the control of the organs to a point where ejaculation becomes impossible unless so willed and where reproduction of the species is the object.

[186] Woman as well as man must observe the principal steps in controlling her sex nature during bodily contact, and gradually grow to that point where, the exchange of sex magnetism only insures the experienced thrill and orgasm towards conversion of the life fluids, so important to youthful appearance, general health, and longevity.

[188] As we continue to take in a greater range of thought, and cease to limit ourselves to materiality and momentary satisfaction, we shall learn to experience more love and fidelity as our associationship becomes greater and greater, until at last we feel our love to go out towards the whole world, while the love of all the world goes out unto us.

Haʼnish, Otoman Zar-Adusht. 1902. Inner studies; a course of twelve lessons. Chicago: Sun-worshiper Pub. Co.