Majesty of Sex

The Majesty of Sex: A Song of Immortal Life may be a group effort, published under a pseudonym. It ranges from metaphysical discussions to discussions on the role of passion, distinguishing “generative” from “regenerative” sex.


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p.44 The first Adam was in the image of God, bi-une. The second Adam is an entirely different being. He is not androgyne or bi-une in the same sense as the first; he is divorced from Her who dwelt within him, and who came forth from out of him. What is generally called the “fall” is but the differentiation of the two; the expression of Man and Woman in and through sex-activity–the division of Self. Thus came about the first divine divorce.

p.45 But the “one far off divine event to which the creation moves” is the Oneness–at-one-ment–the reunion of the two that were divinely divided. Referring to this Jesus said: “Have ye not read that He who made Man at the beginning made them male and female? Wherefore they are not twain but one.”

The Oneness is expressed by Man and Woman in sex-activity

p.47 Upon being asked again and again when should come the kingdom of God, Jesus answered: “When the two shall be one and that which is without shall be as that which is within and the male with the female and there shall be neither male nor female, then is the Kingdom of God come.”

p. 48 The duality in every individual system must become a oneness in harmonious interaction before a constitution perfect in health is attained. For instance; there must be perfect harmony between the two nervous systems that represent the masculine and feminine; the cerebro-spinal and the sympathetic. The sympathetic is that part of the nervous system that holds the soul in contact with the body.

p. 57 We are chiefly concerned with that intercourse which is the intercourse of generation, as distinct from that of regeneration.

p.71 If the thought of both be not centralized in the ideal –love and truth– it is better to refrain from a physical expression of love. If the seminal fluid be retained in the system unmagnetized–unloved–it becomes a death-dealing substance.

p.76 The sexual functions should be as completely under control of the will as the motion of a finger.

p. 87 One a well-sexed individual may ever hope to become a healer in every sense of the word. Where reference is made to a well-sexed individual, the meaning we wish to convey is, that the individual be possessed of a strong love nature, in complete balance or guidance, and knowing where to place his wonderful gift of creative power. …For instance, while in a creative mood, instead of seeking a physical embrace, direct the attention to that which you wish to make manifest. If it be writing, then turn all this wonderful force into the book.

p. 91 If physical progeny is the purpose of sexual union, then agree to that and create after fleshly form and likeness! IF the desired conception be of infinite nature, then do not bring the sex substance into existence, for if formed and expelled it creates only finite things.

p. 96 As generation is a fact, so is regeneration a truth. Both are to be interpreted on the same plane as relative to the body. That which belongs to the body, creation and re-creation, belongs to it because the impelling power behind it is the Ego desiring expression. If there were no egos crowding space, then there would be no births. When Man and Woman demand for themselves re-birth, regeneration, spiritualized bodies, then will they have the power to give birth to that which they have not yet dreamed of. They will bring forth themselves, or they will bring forth spiritual bodies for souls ready to enter them.

The Majesty of Sex: A Song of Immortal Life by Nancy McKay Gordon (1902)
The first principle of Love is attraction

p.114 Any appetite may be overfed until it becomes abnormal or impotent in its functionating properties.

p. 116 The sex problem is at the basis of all life and manifestation, and it must be solved individually before it can be taught universally.

Generation must be, in order that regeneration may be.

p.118 Since everything is caused by vibration, and vibration is generated in the silence or center, it is to be concluded that in this silence the balancing condition is to be evolved.  … In the silence is the center found … In stillness are the greatest things conceived and brought forth; through vibratory currents and not in the noisy sensation.

In order to enter into this stillness while in love communion, it is necessary that the mind be poised, free from all care and concern, in perfect liberty and love. … Made Omnipotent in love, the thought of perfect mastery will possess the two, and they will come forth from the experience a god and a goddess. While in communion, each should be poised in the love of the other and in the one ideal thought: Love Is! Perfection and profit cannot be attained unless the two minds be united in purity–LOVE complete.

This can be attained only by concentrated thought and the desire for the highest; for a realization of Everlasting Life, promised to those who overcome. Be the purpose spiritual, the moment will be one of ecstasy with no substance materialized or express, but all etherealized…

The Majesty of Sex: A Song of Immortal Life by Nancy McKay Gordon (1902)
Learning secrets

When this secret is learned: to enter the chalice of love in absolute stillness and silence, [p. 120] the two are then capable of transmuting every bodily atom into a higher expression of life.

But if this stillness has not been found and entered…this thought will gradually develop physical and mental poise, and little by little the power to transmute physical substance into ethereal form of life will be acquired. The divine idea of the transcendental should be maintained and sustained by the divinity of will.

p. 142 Wonderful mental developments [are] attained through celibacy; but they are won through the sacrifice of physical force, and the final result is an unbalanced condition of both mind and body.

There is a distinction between continence, abstinence, and self-indulgence. Continence is a restriction of indulgence, reserving force; abstinence is separation and means death, as a violation of the law of normal use. Continence is an indrawing for the purpose of reservation; or it is simply a guard against excesses and too large family. …

The sexes associate for various reasons: for the reproduction of species, which is often a detrimental act hampering the soul more than it uplifts, wounding the heart which it should heal.

p. 146 This wonderful manipulation of sex force and the knowledge of (p. 147) its manipulation is wisely hidden from all save those who are spiritually illuminated….It can never be fully known to any, save those who are willing to leave the old, die to the past, and enter fearlessly upon the New Life!

The Majesty of Sex: A Song of Immortal Life by Nancy McKay Gordon (1902)

… Passion is a degree of love which empowers the soul with energy and desire for mastery. The way of passion is the way of the cross. The awakened passion is the first flush of regeneration. [But then there is crucifixion in overcoming it for a higher end.]

p. 149 Man and woman cannot realize the truth of their unity until they permit the creative forces to court each other in all the power of both storm and rest, passion and peace!

A wise man will not misuse the strength imparted to him by a woman’s trust. [He cannot divinely love her unless he is holding] (p. 150) fast to his own godlike ideal. He could not be strong without being filled with passion; he could not be trustworthy without being strong. As long as woman trusts man she is a shield for his passion. To the degree that she trusts him will he transmute his passion into a conquering masterfulness; through this mastery will he set her free, releasing her from all oppression.

…Her presence and passion becomes a delicious drink, a nectar, not to be swallowed by the goblet, but rather to be tasted drop by drop to his soul’s great refreshment and nourishment! The Waters of Life must be gently drunk by the loving man and woman, for sudden draughts dull the taste; gentleness belongs to creative love, suddenness to a short-lived passion. When Man and Woman know how to partake of this Water, their soul and spirit enter into a complete union.

p. 154 Let them both remain intrinsically unshaken in purpose, invincible in their love, unchanged in righteous thought. Then, when the majesty of sex power be expressed and they both sink into that state of being where the world is shut out, business cares forgotten, the idea of pregnancy foreign to both minds, the bodily substance will be absorbed by the soul and become transformed into a garment–a new body–somewhat like the solidification of soul substance so that the old body will be laid aside…[and] the new one will be made visible.

p. 157 [Man] should guard his sex potency as a miser guards his gold. But instead of this he habitually prostitutes it in various ways, letting his virtue pass from him, not knowing of his power to conserve it. When the time comes in which to use it, and when he needs the greatest supply, his energy is exhausted and he finds himself poverty-stricken and self depleted.

The Majesty of Sex: A Song of Immortal Life by Nancy McKay Gordon (1902)

p. 159 Love is a manifestation of spirit and as a quality of energy it should be manifested sexually. The conservation of this energy is not accomplished by the suppression of sexual force, but it is accomplished by permitting love (p. 160) as subtle vibration to guide the grosser and more material form of sexual activity.

p. 169 The holy union should never be prompted for the sake of satisfaction or gratification. When the desire for gratification, and the propensity of expelling, as been mastered, one knot of the great sexual and creative problem has been untied. … Breathe not the atmospheres of separation, impurity and adultery–but that of oneness with Divinity, the Energy of Heaven.

p. 170 There has been a moral Law laid down, that sexual intercourse should not be entered into save for the purpose of propagation. We agree to this, but carry the power of creation beyond the mere external realm.

p. 177 The love of a Magdalene may lift the dead Jesus into the resurrected Christ! …She does this by giving of her feminine substance so etherealized by true love that it is absorbed into the soul of Man.

p. 178 His mastership does not consist in commanding her, but in lifting her with him into spheres hitherto unknown to either.

p. 183 Division is death, unity is life! Unite! … What is generally called union between male and female, is rather separation. … If you wish separation unite bodies only. In spending force the golden cord of true unity snaps.

p. 184 The cause of all union is the desire for more life. Man and Woman unite to live more. While in union this should be realized, that the pleasure sensed is increased life streaming through the being. Take hold of the life, concentrate upon it, and live!

The Majesty of Sex: A Song of Immortal Life by Nancy McKay Gordon (1902)