Sexual Force

Bulgarian philosopher Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (Mihail Ivanov) (1900 – 1986) was a leading 20th-century teacher of Western Esotericism in Europe. He was a disciple of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), the founder of the Universal White Brotherhood (a New Age-oriented religious movement founded in Bulgaria in the early 20th century). Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon was Aïvanhov’s major work relevant to Synergy.


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Chapter 10 – Open your love to a higher path

Initiates teach us that at the beginning of the world, only the Absolute existed. … It contains all powers and when it wished to manifest Itself, It emanated a part of Itself. But for this manifestation to become possible, It had to polarize Itself into positive and negative, masculine and feminine, for without polarization there can be no manifestation. …

How can you possibly imagine that in all the ferment of love [sex], you expend nothing and lose nothing? It is precisely where the expenditure is the greatest, that it is the most difficult to retrieve; all the most useful quintessences essential for life and health have been consumed in the furnace.

I am not suggesting that you should suppress everything and live a life without love, not at all, but you should live a sensible, intelligent, and aesthetic life. There is reason to be astonished and even shocked when you see how people wallow in physical pleasure without trying to add another, more spiritual, element; they are losing so much in all areas. … [Y]ou should realize that there is a material in the brain which is used up very quickly by thoughtless sensuality. …

[T]he Holy Spirit is linked to the genital organs. … We must learn to send this force back up again, but people are too preoccupied to stop and study this science. They feel this terrible tension and they say they are compelled to get rid of the pressure as quickly as possible. Why don’t they understand that this tension is the greatest of riches?

Think of the human being as a building with fifty, a hundred, or even a thousand floors; you need a very high pressure to get the water up to the people living on the top floor. Men and women must know and use this tension to feed and water the cells of their brains, for the Cosmic Intelligence has constructed a special network to channel this energy right up to the brain. Just because science has not yet discovered this network does not mean one has the right to deny its existence.

When men and women waste this sacred energy without respect, without real love, and without the desire to realize sublime creations, they are committing the sin against the Holy Spirit, and this sin is very widespread these days. … Man will return to Paradise through love but, unfortunately, it is by love that man is going farther and farther away from Paradise today.

Once and for all, let this be quite clear to you. According to the way you behave towards love and the genital organs, you will enter – or fail to enter – into harmony with the Sublime Being which is the cosmic Holy Spirit. …

Everyone has [the most amazing network of channels through which the sexual force can find its path upwards if you know how to direct it], but they have so neglected them that they are rusty, blocked and disconnected. …

[T]he real tragedy of mankind is that they have not understood that this energy of love is not merely destined for pleasure, but that it is there to awaken certain faculties which will permit them to do a psychic and spiritual work of the greatest importance, a work which will allow them to become conductors of this mighty force which will transform the world. …This transformation can only be made by the power of love, not by any other means. From now on, search for the attitude, the thoughts, feelings and plans which you should have so that this divine energy can be controlled and guided.

The time has come when the mysteries of love should be understood in light, in peace, joy, wonder, and with perfect balance, not in huge volcanic eruptions. …

Suppose you see a show, read a book, or flip through a magazine which releases certain reactions in you; instead of letting yourself get carried away and then foundering, take that situation as a starting point, a springboard, and try to propel yourself high in divine contemplation. When you come back down again you will be staggered to see what treasures you have just collected and also amazed that what originally disturbed you in fact ended up as a stimulant, help, and encouragement, to your progress.

Aïvanhov, Omraam Mikhaël. 1984. Sexual force or the Winged dragon. Fréjus: Prosveta.


Watch a short video of Aïvanhov speaking about the importance of learning to make love without loss of semen/energy. It’s in French with English subtitles