Can karezza increase penis size?

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penis size

Penis size! This may sound like a penis-enlargement commercial. However, some karezza lovers notice increases in length, and increased circumference is especially common. Curious as to why this should even be possible, I reviewed my knowledge of penis anatomy. The penis has three porous structures: one on each side, and one on the lower side of the shaft. Specialized muscles … Read More

Can Synergy help you keep your resolutions?

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Wondering how you’re going to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Researchers widely acknowledge self-control as a key predictor of productive, happy, and healthy lives. Now, new research suggests why Synergy lovemaking might be a great way to improve your chances of keeping your resolutions. Is our capacity for self-control fixed? Scientists long assumed that self-control arose (or not) early in … Read More

Scientific American – the Clitoris

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This short video (8’21″)  by Scientific American – the Clitoris, is a fascinating history of the clitoris. The clitoris is the organ responsible for sexual pleasure in women. If you don’t know about this vital organ, it is worth taking a few minutes to watch this video. The clitoris can be the source of more diffuse pleasure than mere climax! … Read More

Karezza and wellbeing

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Karezza and wellbeing

Karezza is sex without the goal of female orgasm or male ejaculation. With karezza, lovers receive the benefits of sexual love without the feeling of lost energy. And without the temporary hormonal swings that naturally follow conventional orgasm-driven sex. So what is the .ink between karezza and wellbeing? Many people claim orgasm “balances their hormones.” In fact, ejaculation and orgasm … Read More

Study: Postcoital Symptoms in a Convenience Sample of Men and Women

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postcoital symptoms

Abstract Introduction Postcoital dysphoria (PCD) is a condition characterised by inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, and/or irritability. Previous research into postcoital symptoms has mostly focused on these 3 symptoms. It had failed to explore other symptoms that can occur after sexual activity. Aim The aim of the present study was to get a more in-depth understanding of postcoital symptom variety, … Read More

Natural Birth Control

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natural birth control

As a couple we practice karezza and also natural birth control (NBC). Sometimes people ask us questions. What is natural birth control? It is a form of birth control that aligns with the natural state of the female body. How does it work? NBC consists of two practices working in conjunction: 1) A woman following her cycle accurately to know … Read More