About us

The people behind this website come from multiple countries and professional backgrounds. All of us are interested in aspects of the material on this site. Some of us focus entirely on the science that may help to explain Synergy’s physical benefits. Others focus on Synergy’s potential for improving intimate relationships. Some of us find Synergy’s spiritual potential intriguing.  Others enjoy tracing the historical threads of this practice across the millennia.

Each of us prefer some Traditions to others (or have no interest in Traditions). However, all of us think there is value in discussing and exploring the Synergy concept so we can learn from each other. Contact us ([email protected]).

I would love for people to be able to seize and grasp the one, life-enhancing, love-enhancing message common to this other approach to sex. ~ Synergy explorer

Our vision is to ignite a far-ranging discussion about this approach to sex – one that welcomes enthusiasts and experts from a variety of perspectives, and perhaps even motivates researchers to give it serious attention.