Evidence relevant to synergy

All of the extensive research and evidence collected at this website is, arguably, relevant to Synergy. However, few researchers have investigated approaches to intimacy along the lines we focus on here at Synergy Explorers. This may be due to many reasons including the fact that few have actual life experience of the practice. As a result they do not focus their questions on the outcomes practitioners have discovered.

In this section on research relevant to synergy you’ll find the evidence most directly focused on the practice itself. Some of these papers hint at the potential in the ideas, or address elements relevant to the practice.

Sexual behavior predictors of satisfaction in a Chinese sample

Pleasure During Adolescents’ Most Recent Partnered Sexual Experience: Findings from a U.S. Probability Survey

Orgasm utilizes the pain pathway: is orgasm “nonaversive” pain?

A mindful model of sexual health: A review and implications of the model for the treatment of individuals with compulsive sexual behavior disorder

Development and Validation of a Tantric Sex Scale: Sexual-Mindfulness, Spiritual Purpose, and Genital/orgasm De-emphasis

Couples’ experiences of sacred sex/Tantra practices

A treatment model for anxiety-related sexual dysfunctions using mindfulness meditation within a sex-positive framework: Sexual and Relationship Therapy

What is orgasm? A model of sexual trance and climax via rhythmic entrainment

Altered States of Consciousness Are Related to Higher Sexual Responsiveness

Just do it: Engaging in self-control on a daily basis improves the capacity for self-control

Testing Buddha: Is Acute Desire Associated with Lower Momentary Happiness?

Benefits of intimacy Cost of disharmony  Cost of isolation Evidence of shifts after sex