What is Synergy?

What is Synergy

Synergy is an umbrella term for relaxed non-goal oriented sex that emphasizes intimacy-building signals (bonding behaviours). Such a broad description obviously encompasses many different experiences. All are unique.

One man describes his initial experience:

First time with [this] style sex last night. Completely blown away. For one, it lasted for an hour and a half. I have never had sex for so long in my life (I’m 25, male). Everything was extremely slow. Pretty soon we were both in a state of ‘intoxication’ as a result of being so deliberate and methodical with our bodies. We began to feel much more of every little sensation that comes with contact. Brushing ankles together felt intense. I grabbed her hand and she felt chills down her whole body. The whole experience was like this.

We both came away from that experience astonished. [This approach] changes my entire perception of sex. Many of the insecurities that people typically feel with sex, such as not being “good” at it, not having enough experience or whatever insecurity that can be performance-based, [this approach] dispels all of that. Everyone is good at cuddling. Everyone is good at moving so slowly that every single thrust, spread out [over] minutes, is so incredibly powerful that there is no need for worry about how you will perform. There is no pressure. Even when my erection was less strong than it normally was, it didn’t matter. Our hands were so charged that every caress had the impact a deep thrust would have had.

… I can’t see myself having “normal” orgasm-based sex ever again. It’s just not as good as karezza [one of the labels for Synergy-style sex]. I only wish I had discovered this before [my ex-girlfriend and I] broke up. Sexual performance anxieties were a central issue for her, as well as the inability to orgasm from sex. If I had only known that this was possible, we would have transcended those insecurities and been able to make love instead of having sex. That is really what is at stake in our sex lives when we decide to ignore [this] concept: the difference between having sex and making love. … Thank you, thank you, thank you.

tl;dr: tried karezza, entered altered state, will never go back to the old way

By the way…

Synergy refers to a practice for couples. Other interested explorers are also welcome, but we focus on couples who want to build a stable base on which they can explore expansive experiences safely and sensually. If you’re not currently in a relationship, don’t overlook this page during your browsing.

At SynergyExplorers.org we invite you to explore discoveries about sexual mystery traditions and relevant modern science findings. Various traditions taught elements of Synergy by different names. See Traditions for source materials.

Note: This site does not emphasise pursuit of spiritual orgasm, sex magick, forcing a kundalini awakening, or becoming multi-orgasmic.