400 CEThese source materials are thought to have appeared between 1 and 400 CE.

The Classic of Su Nu (~350 CE)

Dialogue on the tao of intercourse, between the Yellow Emperor and goddess Su Nü.

The Gospel of Philip (~250 CE)

Gnostic gospel re-discovered in Egypt in 1945.

The Exegesis on the Soul (~250 CE)

Also from the Egyptian trove discovered in 1945.

Agapetae or Subintroductae (1st – 3rd Centuries)

Evidence of an early Christian practice known as syneisaktism (spiritual marriage).

The Gospel of Thomas (~150 CE)

Thought to be the earliest of the Gnostic gospels, perhaps predating the canonical gospels.

Second Epistle to Timothy (~115 CE)

Was sexual continence at the centre of early Christianity?

A Filthy Pleasure by Gaius Petronius (~60 CE)

Sex advice from a Roman courtier during the reign of Nero.

Remedia Amoris (The Cure for Love) by Ovid (~1 CE)

Roman poet Ovid offers his cynical advice about sexual satiety.

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