Synergy Explorers life preserverSynergy Explorers has opted not to host a forum. People often find it uncomfortable to talk about the mechanics of their sex lives, their successes and setbacks on a forum where they may be uneasy about their anonymity. Yet a safe place to give and get peer support for Synergy-style lovemaking practices helps everyone. has an established reputation as an anonymous forum to exchange views about almost anything. A subreddit called “r/karezza” discusses “Karezza” (a Synergy-style lovemaking practice). Synergy Explorers may want to take their questions and insights there.

Seeking a partner interested in this alternative lovemaking practice? Check out this Facebook page for singles seeking partners. Or this dating app. Both were developed by people unaffiliated with the website.

Disclaimer: did not found, does not monitor, and is not affiliated with the r/karezza subreddit or dating pages/apps. Use them at your own risk!