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Synergy Explorers

One of Synergy Explorers’ primary goals is to help lovers sustain the harmony between them. Careful cultivation of sexual desire furthers this goal. We think of lovemaking styles that arise from this mindset as Synergy. That’s because they not only promote deeper trust and more consistent affection, they also enhance creativity and boost lovers’ energy levels.

If you like having sex (and we’re confident you do), you won’t want to miss out on some of its most profound gifts. Perhaps you’ve always suspected that sex has more to offer than having fun or having babies, but haven’t been sure how to confirm your intuition.

Happily, over millennia, various traditions around the globe have left useful insights about Synergy lovemaking. We collect these here at Dip into our archive of traditional source materials. Modern scientists are turning up key insights as well, so check out our collection of relevant research.

Synergy is a radically different, non-goal-oriented approach to sexual activity in intimate relationships. For more on Synergy itself see What is Synergy? Not sure if it’s for you? See Do I need Synergy?

Want to try it?

The best way to explore Synergy’s gifts is by trying it. So, when you’re ready, download a free “Enlightened sex” audio course that explains the wisdom of the practice and its practicalities. Or, if you prefer to read, have a look at the informative excerpt from our upcoming book. It’s also free, and you’ll find it at the bottom of each page or here. For more tips, you can browse the website’s FAQs and blogs.

Remember, the proof of the concept is in the exploring. Give it a try, and have fun!