1800 1900 These source materials appeared between 1800 and 1900 CE.

Love—Sex—Immortality by W.P. Phelon MD (1900)

English-American occultist discusses the transmutation of vital force through the re-creative organs of sex.

Magnetation and Its Relation To Health and Character by Albert Chavannes (1898)

Tips on how to generate sexual magnetism and diffuse it through one’s system.

Vital Force, Magnetic Exchange and Magnetation by Albert Chavannes (1897)

Swiss-born American author, philosopher, and sociologist explains the benefits of continence during sex.

The Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy (1889)

Tolstoy’s gut-wrenching tale of the poison of sexual satiety.

The Perfumed Garden by Cheikh Nefzaoui (trans. 1886)

The first translator subtitled this book, “A Manual of Arabian Erotology”.

The Better Way by A.E. Newton (1875)

This book describes the value of sexual continence within marriage.

Male Continence by John Humphrey Noyes (1872)

Noyes stumbled upon the gifts of continence after vowing not to put his wife through another agonising pregnancy

“The Children of Hymen” by Thomas Lake Harris (1859)

Harris taught that the spiritual union of man and woman constituted the core of spiritual life.

For Synergy sources published before 1800 see 1400 CE – 1800 CE and for those after 1900 try 1900 CE – 1940 CE.