Immortality Dr. Phelon

Dr. William. P. Phelon’s (September 28, 1834 – December 29, 1904) major work was Love – Sex – Immortality. He was an English-American occultist who founded the Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, Luxor and Elephanta. The Ramayana Theosophical Society of Chicago and of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor were associated with Dr. Phelon.


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p. 20 Animal love is not worthy of the spiritual man, for under its influence man becomes a brute.

p. 21 Turn we from this picture to the love that is the result of complete harmony, in which is the continual flow of absolute unselfishness, as contrasted with the discord of selfishness. If this love is prefect harmony, it becomes also the potency of life. … The great chasm always open between love and immortality is spanned by Sex.

p. 33 The Real man is not a creation. He is part of the Creative Energy, which is the cause of all manifestation.

p. 34 It is the greatest mystery, not only that [man] has become himself the creator of an entity separate from himself, but that he also holds the power through knowledge for becoming a re-creator of himself. …The means for its accomplishment is through the organs of generation.

P. 47 Barren, indeed, is the life which knows nothing beyond the satisfying of desires rooted in the animal plane.

p. 48. Death was man’s mistake, and not God’s design. … [The search to understand included the study of] “ Elixir of Life ” and the “ Philosopher’s Stone.” With mystic jargon they veiled their experiments upon the human body both in their own persons, and those of their assistants. The real design and work was the transmutation of vital force through the re-creative organs of sex.

Sex powers

p. 49 All theory, experiment and demonstration confirm as a fact, that the path to immortality of the body, lies through the functioning of the sex powers. … Lack of opposite sex magnetism on the higher planes of being, will produce a depletion of psychic forces, which manifest as a hunger on the animal plane, and the animal will make itself felt. Therefore, such association judiciously chosen is always a help, and to some an absolute necessity.

Sexual desire is the strongest and most persistent of all emotions, for in its essential being, it is a part of the higher principles, an emanation from the spirit itself. When perverted, it is an utter desecration and [p. 50] dragging to the dust, of the expression of God. It is nonsense to talk of killing it, for the spirit cannot be killed. We may produce atrophy in its expression for a while, but it is not killed, neither can be. When it is even repressed, atrophy begins. The only outlet for its energetic vitality, that does not bring us waste of substance, is its transmutation into the higher principles.

Here the return increases in proportion to the perfection of the transmutation.

p. 52 Love, Sex and Immortality are the three steps, into and through, manifestation from the formless or unlimited through the experience of limitation and the overcoming of its inharmonies, once more to the perfect peace and rest of the unlimited.