Traditions around the world have taught insights about using sex consciously to increase harmony between intimate partners, improve wellbeing, heighten spiritual awareness, and stave off the unwanted effects of satiety. Some traditions employed satire and humour, others logic and secular health advice, and still others metaphysical and cosmological pronouncements. The commonalities behind these very diverse approaches over thousands of years are intriguing.

Rather than try to categorise the many source materials collected here by labels (which can be contentious or confusing), we have arranged our source materials chronologically. In rare cases, we have included brief essays about traditions for which few source materials exist but secondhand accounts suggest they may belong in the timeline. Where chronological placement is uncertain, we have made educated guesses or used the average of a given range.

You will also find excerpts from books relevant to Synergy-style lovemaking, as well as links to full texts (where available) or purchase options.

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2000 CE – Present

1960 CE – 2000 CE

1940 CE – 1960 CE

1900 CE – 1940 CE

1800 CE – 1900 CE

1400 CE – 1800 CE

400 CE – 1400 CE

1 CE – 400 CE

Recorded traditions hinting at Synergy also appeared before the current era.