Arnold Krumm-Heller (1876 – 1949) founded the Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua (FRA). He was an ex-patriot German physician who made his home in Latin America.

By his own account, he expended almost half of a century on the study of esoteric matters; had the highest degrees of Masonry 3-33-97; and belonged to the esoteric section of the Theosophical Society. Krumm-Heller was a member of more than twenty secret societies, like O.T.O. and A.A. in which he had the final degree. He was a bishop of the Gnostic Church, consecrated with a primitive and Anglican ordinal; was Commander of the Rosicross Brotherhood having a connection with the White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of the invisible; belonged to the old guard of Papus, Eliphas Levi; and personally dealt with the main occultists of the world. He declared that,

for me – by means of vocalization, the use of mantras and prayer, for the awakening of the sexual secretions, is found the only way to arrive to the goal, and that anything else, that is not through this way, is a pitiful waste of time.

Raise well your cups, and be careful of not spilling even a single drop of your precious liquid.

Excerpted from “Logos, Mantra, Magic” by Arnold Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)

Krumm-Heller also recommended “El Carezza,” which he may have learned from Papus. These excerpts, quoting Krumm-Heller, are taken from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor (although the translation differs slightly from that PDF version):

Instead of the coitus which reaches the orgasm, sweet caresses, amorous phrases and delicate touching should be lavished reflectively, keeping the mind constantly separated from animal sexuality, sustaining the purest spirituality as if the act were a true religious ceremony.

Nevertheless, the man can and should introduce the penis and keep it inside the feminine sex to bring about a divine sensation upon both, full of joy, that can last for hours, withdrawing it at the moment the orgasm is near to avoid the ejaculation of semen. In this way, they will have a greater desire to caress each other each time.

This may be repeated as many times as desired without ever becoming tiresome. On the contrary, it is the Magic Key to daily rejuvenation, keeping the body healthy and prolonging life, because this constant magnetization is a fountain of health.

We know that in ordinary magnetism, the magnetizer communicates fluids to the subject and if the first has those forces developed, he can heal the second. The transmission of magnetic fluids is ordinarily done through the hands or through the eyes, but it is necessary to say that there is no greater and more powerful conductor, a thousand times more powerful, a thousand times superior to others, than the virile member and the vulva as receptive organs.

If many people practice this, they spread force and success in their surroundings for all those who come into commercial or social contact with them. But in the act of sublime, divine magnetization to which we are referring, both man and woman reciprocally magnetize each other, the one being for the other as a musical instrument which, when plucked, gives off or emits prodigious sounds of mysterious and sweet harmonies. The strings of that instrument are spread all over the body, and it is the lips and fingers that make them vibrate, provided that the utmost purity presides over the act. This is what makes us magicians in that supreme moment.