Perfect MatrimonySamael Aun Weor (Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez) was a fiery Colombian author who founded a modern gnostic movement. The Perfect Matrimony: Why Sex and Religion are Inseparable is the introduction to his synthesis of sexual spiritual wisdom. It advises white tantra (intercourse without orgasm or ejaculation) as a path to self-realization. The author ties together related esoteric teachings from traditions around the world.


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(p. 9) The ardent kisses, the intimate caresses, are transformed into miraculous notes which resound excitedly within the aura of the universe. We have no way to explain those moments of supreme enjoyment. The Serpent of Fire is agitated, the Fires of the heart are enlivened and the terrifying rays of the Father shine full of majesty upon the foreheads of the sexually united beings. If the man and woman knew how to withdraw before spasm, if in those moments of delicious enjoyment they had the strength of will to dominate the Animal Ego, and then were able to withdraw from the act without spilling the semen, neither within the womb, nor without, nor to the side, nor in any part, they would have performed an act of Sexual Magic. This is what is called in occultism the Arcanum A.Z.F. With the Arcanum A.Z.F. we can retain all of that marvelous light, all those cosmic currents, all those Divine powers. Then Kundalini awakens, the sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit within us, and we are transformed into Terribly Divine Gods. But when we spill the semen, the cosmic currents are lost within the universal currents and the Luciferic forces of evil, the fatal magnetism, a sanguineous light, penetrates the Souls of the two beings. Then Cupid withdraws, weeping, the doors of Eden close, love becomes disillusionment, disenchantment arrives, and only the black reality of this valley of tears remains.

(p. 111) People believe that Love is only to perpetuate the species. People only believe that Love is vulgarity, carnal pleasure, violent desire, satisfaction etc. Only the person who can see beyond these animal passions, only the person who renounces this type of animal psychology can discover in other worlds and dimensions the grandeur and majesty of that which is called Love. People sleep profoundly. People live sleeping and dream about Love, but they have not awakened to Love.…It is necessary that the husband and wife love each other deeply. People confuse desire with Love. The whole world sings of desire, and this is confused with that which is called Love. Only those who have incarnated their Souls know what Love is. The “I” does not know what Love is. The “I” is desire.

(p. 119) This way of practising Sexual Magic in the oriental style [yabyum position] may be very uncomfortable for westerners. Nevertheless it is recommended for those people who are not able to avoid spilling the Glass of Hermes [ejaculating]. With this practice Gnostics can train themselves sexually to learn to refrain, and avoid the spilling of semen. Gnostic couples do not need the physical supervision of a Master, but could however invoke the Masters of the astral so that they help them. (The couple must be alone.) It is necessary that during the practice of Sexual Magic there is no animal desire….Where there is desire there cannot be Love because Love and desire are incompatible….How many times have we seen couples who claim that they adore each other? After marriage the castle of cards falls down and what remains is the sad reality. Those who believed they were truly in Love, in reality hate each other, and once desire is satisfied, failure is inevitable. Then we only hear complaints and regrets, reproaches and tears. Where was Love? What happened to Love? It is impossible to Love when there is desire…. Desire is an illusory substance that is combined astonishingly in the mind and in the heart to make us feel something that, though not Love, makes us firmly believe that it is Love. Only the horrible reality that appears after the consummation of the act and the satisfaction of desire shows clearly that we were the victims of illusion.

(pp. 114-6) Kundalini awakens negatively only when the semen is spilled. Whoever practises Sexual Magic without spilling the semen has nothing to fear. Nobody can realise the superior aspects of Kundalini without perfect sanctity. It is then false to say that there are disastrous possibilities in the premature actualisation of Kundalini. This affirmation is false because the premature actualisation of Fire cannot occur. Kundalini can only be activated based on sanctification. Kundalini does not rise even one vertebra if the conditions of sanctity required for that vertebra have not been won. Each vertebra has its moral conditions of sanctity. It is false and stupid to say that Kundalini can awaken ambition or pride, or intensify all the base qualities and animal passions of the animal ego. Whoever uses these fear mongering tactics to keep students from the real path is truly ignorant, because Kundalini awakened with white Sexual Magic cannot progress even one degree when true sanctity does not exist.… We practise internal meditation to achieve ecstasy, but we know very well that Kundalini does not awaken with meditation, because Kundalini is sexual. It is false to affirm that the awakening of Kundalini is achieved through meditation. Meditation is a technique to receive information. Meditation is not a technique for awakening Kundalini. The pseudoesotericists have done much damage with their ignorance. In India there are seven fundamental schools of yoga and these all speak of Kundalini. These schools of yoga are of no use if Tantrism is not studied. Tantrism is the best of the Orient. Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is practised in every authentic school of esoteric yoga. This is Tantrism. The Tantras give fundamental value to yoga. In the centre of the lotus of the heart there is a marvelous triangle. This triangle also exists in the coccygeal chakra and in the chakra located between the eyebrows. In each of these chakras there is a mysterious knot. These are the three knots. These knots indicate a profound meaning. Here we have the three fundamental changes in the work with the Serpent. In the first knot (Church of Ephesus), we abandon the system of spilling the semen. In the second knot (Church of Thyatira), we learn to truly Love. In the third knot (Church of Philadelphia), we gain true Wisdom and we see clairvoyantly. Kundalini in its ascent must untie these three mysterious knots. The White Lodge has totally and absolutely prohibited the sexual spasm. It is absurd to reach spasm. Those who practise Sexual Magic should never reach spasm. Those who attempt to avoid seminal ejaculation without giving up the pleasure of the spasm, may suffer disastrous consequences to the organism. Sexual Magic should be practised only once a day.…

(p. 113) When beginning the practices of Sexual Magic, the organism is affected. Sometimes the sexual and parathyroid glands become inflamed, the head aches, one feels a certain dizziness, etc.

(pp.139-40) The same sexual energies that express in erotic pleasure, when transmuted and sublimated, awaken the consciousness and then produce ecstasy….The couple remain in this union for a long time without moving, trying to prevent the ego and the analytic consciousness from intervening, leaving nature to act without interference. Then, without expectation of orgasm, the erotic currents enter into activity, provoking ecstasy. In this instant the ego is dissolved, (it withdraws) and desire is transmuted into love. Intense currents similar to electromagnetism, which produce static effects, traverse the bodies. A sensation of ineffable joy possesses the entire organism, and the couple experience the ecstasy of Love and cosmic communion.

(p.181) We the Gnostics are not against any religion because this would be absurd. All religions are needed. All religions are diverse manifestations of the Universal Infinite Cosmic Religion. A people without religion would be a serious and lamentable thing. We believe that all schools and sects fulfill their mission teaching, studying, discussing etc. The important thing, and this is fundamental, is that people follow the Path of the Perfect Matrimony. Love is detrimental to no one, harms no one. Gnosis is the flame from which arise all religions, schools and beliefs. Gnosis is Wisdom and Love.