Thinking and Destiny

Thinking and Destiny: Being the Science of Man is a metaphysical book containing an account of how humans find themselves in their current circumstances. It addresses the role played by sex.


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The life of the physical body depends on the vitality and powers elaborated in the sex organs and distributed through the body. Eventually man will learn that it is necessary to check indulgence and waste in order to give power to the senses, and beauty, health and strength to the body. …

The story of original sin is not without basis; it is a fable which conceals some true traditions. One of these has to do with the procreation of the bodies of human beings….The naive story covers a history of disquieting results. The use of the procreative power was the “original sin.” The result following the procreative act was to give to the human race the tendency to unlawful procreation; and this tendency was one of the means of bringing on ignorance and death in the world.

The penalty of the original sin of [humans] is that they are now dominated by that which they originally refused to govern [the sexual urge]. When they could govern they would not; now that they would govern, they cannot. One proof of that ancient sin is present with every human in the sorrow that follows an act of mad desire which, even against his reason, he is driven to commit. …

The origin of the story of original sin was when [man, as originally created] in his perfect body was in the Realm of Permanence. There, in the trial test for bringing its [male and female] into balanced union, it failed. Therefore it came into this world of birth and death, and it periodically re-exists in a man body or in a woman body.

[Prior to that time] there were two bodies connected with each other by a magnetic tie, which served as a bridge connecting the two bodies. The desire in the man body and the feeling in the woman body did not at first think and act as two, as being different and separated from each other. Each saw itself in the other, as though in a looking glass. They felt and acted as one, just as there is reciprocal action in one’s hands in whatever one does….By [exploiting sexual desire for their individual ends, however] they severed the magnetic tie.

Percival, Harold W. 1946. Thinking and destiny being the science of man. USA. The Word Publishing Co.