Shiva SamhitaShiva Samhita was written by an unknown author. In the text the Hindu god Shiva addresses his consort Parvati. It has been dated by some scholars to be a 17th century text, but Sanskrit and Oriental Studies scholar James Mallinson dates the text to be pre-1500 CE, probably between 1300 and 1500 CE.


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The falling of seed leads towards death, the keeping of one’s seed is life. Hence with all his power should a man hold his seed.

In this world all is born from seed and dies of seed. Knowing this the yogi should always keep his seed.

By this practice even the man who indulges in worldly pleasures can attain realization [enlightenment], and all wished-for results can in this world be achieved.

By the power of the composure of the semen, one will become just like Myself. – Lord Shiva

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