Wondering how you’re going to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Researchers widely acknowledge self-control as a key predictor of productive, happy, and healthy lives. Now, new research suggests why Synergy lovemaking might be a great way to improve your chances of keeping your resolutions.

Is our capacity for self-control fixed?

Scientists long assumed that self-control arose (or not) early in life and remained unchanged. So, researchers decided to check this assumption by determining whether self-control was more or less fixed. Or depleted with use. Or a skill that developed and strengthened as people engaged in self-control.

To answer this question, they tracked a diverse sample of folks for 4 months. They asked people to engage daily in a self-chosen self-control behaviour (recycling, a 10-minute walk, eating fruit with breakfast, saving money at the supermarket, etc.).

Results? Their 2020 study published by the Society for the Science of Motivation reports that “Engaging in self-control on a daily basis improves the capacity for self-control”. That is, regular practice itself improved self-control. Even those who began with little capacity for self-control saw improvement. It seems that self-control is not fixed. Rather, our brains retain their ability to change (“neuroplasticity”).

The chosen behaviours increased in frequency across the experiment. At the same time, people’s assessments of their own self-control rose steeply in the first 2 weeks and leveled off after 10 weeks. Perhaps self-control becomes routine.

In any case, the degree of improvement related most strongly to the actual number of times participants practiced their self-control skills. Researchers concluded that “just doing it” (engaging in self-control) was the underlying mechanism for increasing self-control. See excerpt below.

Why not try Synergy?

Most lovers find that Synergy (frequent lovemaking without the goal of orgasm) strengthens self-control by reducing impulsiveness. Some lovers employ breathing exercises to ease the process of learning this unfamiliar approach to sex.

The above research suggests that regularly engaging in a self-control practice improves our capacity for self-control. If so, why not choose to master this skill in the context of careful lovemaking? Unlike daily walks, thrifty shopping, eating fruit or recycling, Synergy offers unique benefits, such as deeper bonds, more harmonious emotions and increased productivity/creativity.

Synergy as a path to increased self-control could be a recipe for the best year ever!