Young adults are having less sex than in recent decades. However, people who do have sex appear to be engaging in rougher sex than in previous decades. The study used a nationally representative sample. This especially applied to young adults.

Particularly concerning are the high rates of choking. However, researchers also investigated spanking, name calling, performing aggressive fellatio, facial ejaculation, penile-anal penetration without first asking/discussing.

Which group reported the greatest lifetime prevalence of sexual scripts for rougher sex? They were younger adults between 18 and 29 years.

From the Abstract:

Women as well as men who have sex with men were more likely to report target sexual behaviors: having been choked (21.4% women), having one’s face ejaculated on (32.3%  women, 52.7% men who have sex with men), and aggressive fellatio (34.0% women).  Most respondents report lifetime use of pornography. After adjusting for age, age  at first porn exposure, and current relationship status, the associations between pornography use and sexual behaviors was statistically significant.

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Diverse Sexual Behaviors and Pornography Use: Findings From a Nationally Representative Probability Survey of Americans Aged 14 to 60 Years