This poem appeared on the subreddit called “r/karezza“. Its female author practiced Synergy-style lovemaking with her husband for years.

Divine Breath of Oneness

Breathe in – with open heart

Breathe out – into empty mind

Breathe in – bearing the discomfort of chaos

Breathe out – into that which does not change

Breathe in – all things created

Breathe out – into the un-created

Breathe in – allow all things to arise around you

Breathe out – allow all things to pass beyond you

Breathe in – the imbalance and polarity

Breathe out – into balance and non-duality

Breathe in – all of existence and the named

Breathe out – into the non-existing, unnamable

Breathe in – let everything go its own way

Breathe out – hold onto nothing

Breathe in – caress everything with gentleness and compassion

Breathe out – release everything with surrender and detachment

Breathe in – the impermanent and temporary

Breathe out – into eternal emptiness

Breathe in – all pain of life. Let your heart break.

Breathe out – let the shattered pieces dissolve back into God.