Synergy ExplorersThis French book about marital continence, Art D’Aimer, triggered a tempest among French Catholics when it appeared in 1949. The Synergy-like practice was also known as the étreinte réservée (reserved embrace)

Paul Chanson proposed conjugal continence as a birth control solution for couples with legitimate reasons for limiting births. He also touted it as a way to promote sexual harmony between spouses. The Catholic Church soon caused the book to be removed from circulation and suppressed its publication and translation.

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Epilogue – “Art D’Aimer et Vie Spirituelle Chrétienne” by H.M. Féret

Chanson, Paul, and H.M. Féret. 1949. Art d’aimer et continence conjugale. París: Familiales de France.

See also The Chanson Affair (1950-1952)

L’Étreinte Réservée: Témoignage des Époux by Paul Chanson (1951)

What if my family had known about Chanson’s “Reserved Embrace”?

Those who read French may also enjoy Karezza, l’art de l’amour : la voie de l’extase sexuelle : un tantrisme occidental by J. William Lloyd (1931).