Tibetan legend has it that only sex without climax (tantra, Synergy, etc.) will allow people to cope effectively with mankind’s escalating spiritual deterioration. Curious? Keep reading.

In Hinduism, Kali Yuga is the fourth and present age of the world cycle of yugas, or “ages”, and is often referred to as the “dark age”. Tradition describes the Kali Yuga as the age of war and conflict. Spirituality and civilisation degenerate throughout the age, as people drift farther and farther from the Divine.

The bad news is that the Kali Yuga signals the “destruction of the world”. The good news is that it also signals the start of a new cycle.

The Legend of the Great Stupa (~1700 C.E.)

The Legend of the Great Stupa is a Tibetan scripture that instructs the visionary along the spiritual path. The text has been used in ritual for centuries. It ascribes five distinctive characteristics to the Kali Yuga: diminution of lifetime, vicious and self-centred living, unchecked lust and avarice, materialistic philosophies, and belief in an inevitable conflagration. Sound familiar?

According to the Legend, during the Kali Yuga,

the poisonous passions,  particularly lust, avarice, acquisitiveness, jealousy, and envy, cause loss of concentration. Mind streams away from its peaceful centre in search of the objects of its desire or retreats from objects that repel it. Finally, the pace of life increases as the length of life diminishes.

Vajrayana to the rescue

As the situation deteriorates, the traditional methods of freeing oneself from approaching destruction, while helpful, are inadequate to combat the intensifying forces of passion. Those helpful, but no longer adequate, disciplines are the Hinayana (which prescribes total rejection and renunciation of passion) and the Mahayana (which prescribes the neutralisation of passion via selfless service).

A third discipline, however, furnishes the means to overcome man’s increasingly impulsive nature. According to the Legend, the Vajrayana discipline prescribes the mastery of passion using the homeopathic method of controlled action. That is, controlled intercourse, or sex without the goal of climax (Synergy).

The Legend predicts that an enlightened being will appear in the latter days of the Kali Yuga. A tantra master, this being will fearlessly demonstrate the ways in which humans may use their bodies to create life, light and love.

Vajrayana details from another Tibetan classic

The Ornament of Stainless Light by Khedrup Norsang Gyatso appeared in the 15th century. Its author, a student of the First Dalai Lama and a principal teacher of the Second Dalai Lama, describes the Vajrayana (controlled intercourse) and its spiritual implications:

“With the pride of vajra holder, the vajra [male sexual organ] with lotus enters the lotus [female sexual organ]. With lingam placed into the bhaga, the yogi performs hum phat; the bodhichitta [sexual energy] is not emitted.

One’s own secret-area five-pointed vajra [symbol of the male sexual organ, pictured above in the hand of the statue] marked with a lotus enters the consort’s lotus [female sexual organ]. Within that state the yogi holds the pride of being the vajra-holder main deity Kakalchakra, he utters the syllables hum phat, and dwells within the activity of union arising from placing the father’s lingum into the mother’s bhaga. This brings the elemental bodhichitta [sexual energy] down to the tip of the jewel, where it is not to be emitted.” …

“Meditate on the supreme and unchanging [bliss]. With vajra [male sexual organ] placed inside lotus [female sexual organ], brings the winds [vital forces] into the drops [bodhichitta], the drops into the chakras; the movement of drops halted at the vajra [male sexual organ], always rigid, the yogi continually raises fluid [never releasing it].”

The Kali Yuga’s silver lining

Is controlled intercourse the silver lining of the Kali Yuga? Practitioners report that it reduces impulsivity, improves practitioners’ spiritual sense of direction, provides a sense of oneness and abundance that make it easier to move from selfishness to altruism, converts lust into mutual, enlivening contentment, and reduces susceptibility to propaganda and fear.

If you’re frustrated with the stagnation of the age, why not experiment with a sustained period of controlled intercourse? It’s a great way to prepare for a new cycle – in your life, and perhaps in mankind’s spiritual destiny as well.