A very vital component to health and well-being is a strong relationship. A strong relationship through emotional stability positively influences physical health and well-being. On the contrary, isolation from the lack of a strong relationship is directly associated with major health issues such as stressful life, anxiety, obesity, and adverse cases, resulting in depression.

There are some major stressors in our personal life. One of the main stressors is a bad relationship. It is a major source of emotional trauma, which initiates many psychological problems and bodily health issues. A strong relationship is thus crucial to sustaining a healthy life.

Benefits Of Strong Relationship

Research suggests that a strong relationship can add some years to live and promotes good health. So let us see how a strong relationship can add value to overall health.

1.    Live Longer

The love from the partners resonates with your health and well-being. According to research, it helps add years to life. Little things that a partner does eventually makes the relationship meaningful. The stronger the bond is, the more value it adds to life. In the long term, the outcome of a strong relationship is that it makes a person live a longer and healthier life.

In the aim to find how strong relationships add value to life, researchers have conducted numerous studies. Studies suggest that men benefit more from relationships as compared to women. Furthermore, it is thought that a strong relationship can add three more years to life, but more studies are needed in this regard.

2.    Deal With Stress

Uncontrolled stress can result in many behavioral disorders such as depression, addiction, and ADHD. If someone is already facing some behavioral condition, then stress might worsen it. A strong relationship provides you with someone to whom you can share your thoughts and feelings. Research shows that free intimacy acts such as hugging help to trigger oxytocin in the brain.

Oxytocin helps in reducing the stress level of the body, and it promotes a good mood. Stress hormones assist an individual in dealing with flight or fight situations. However, staying on like this is hazardous to health, and it increases the major risk factors, such as the likelihood of heart disease increases.

3.    Avoid Behavioral Disorders

Many times loneliness is the reason that eventually results in some sort of behavioral disorder in a person. Love and affection from a strong relationship are essential. According to research, the feeling of loneliness in Americans has increased by 16 percent through the last decade. Furthermore, it is reported that one in four Americans have nobody to talk to about their problems.

This is a huge statistical result, and it is the leading cause of behavioral disorders in people of all age groups, especially children and adults. Thus, to deal with addiction, one may find a list of rehab centers. However, to successfully advance through different phases of addiction treatment, you require a suitable insurance plan along with the love and support of loved ones.

4.    Ward Of Loneliness

It is believed that loneliness is an epidemic the world is facing today. Loneliness means that one lacks meaningful connections and bonds in relationships. This is very harmful to mental beings as the absence of meaningful connection is believed to result in premature death. It is 50 times riskier as compared to obesity and cardiovascular issues.

A strong relationship eases loneliness as it provides vital meaning and purpose to an individual’s life. It provides you with the support of a person who is always there for you through thick and thin. This person would definitely hear out your problems and help you in sorting out those issues. Eventually, it promotes longevity.

5.    Protects The Heart

People in a strong relationship not only enjoy strong connections, but they also enjoy good heart health. Studies have found that people who have a strong relationship have fewer heart attacks. Broken-heart syndrome is a condition that affects how the heart pumps, and it is the result of a poor relationship.

Bad relationships tend to increase stress in individuals. Stressed out individuals have to deal with heart issues. Stress even influences how blood clots. Unhealthy stress coping mechanisms such as eating unhealthy fried snacks and junk food also increase the risk of heart problems and high blood pressure.

6.    Stay Mentally Sharp

People who have strong relationships also enjoy better mental health. Love, affection, and memories help to combat the risk factor of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Studies have shown that people in a healthy relationship enjoy far better cognitive abilities such as memory as compared to others.

It is believed that partners support brain-healthy activities such as good memories, the right diet, healthy exercise, and limited drinking and smoking.

7.    Keep Each Other Fit

Partners who enjoy good and strong relationships can also support their partners in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The support can help both to achieve fitness and health goals. Partners may even look to spend time in some physical activities such as hiking, climbing, cycling, and even walking that helps attain fitness goals.

8.    Support Healing

Whether it’s emotional healing or healing of bodily wounds, the support from a partner eases and supports healing. Research also supports this fact and has found that people who enjoy healthy relationships recover at a greater pace as compared to others. Furthermore, research also suggests that such people also deal better with pain and anxiety.

9.    Avoid Toxic Connection

A healthy and strong bond with a partner keeps the connection powerful. Good relationships through mutual support promote comfort and growth. Give your relationship a chance; if you think things are not going well between you and your partner, visit a licensed couple therapist.

Take Away

A strong and healthy relationship can bring wonders to your life. It can provide happiness, peace, and meaning to life. A strong relationship helps in securing mental well-being. Moreover, it is believed to reduce major health risks such as heart diseases.

Original Bittflex.com article by David Smith, June 18, 2021

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