Humanity has thus far rejected the key that is capable of unlocking the most important doors of life.

This key calls for harnessing both consciousness and desire, or Shiva and Shakti in the language of the traditional Tantras.

Instead of employing this key, humanity typically remains blind to it. As a consequence humans tend to disperse their consciousness amidst meandering thoughts, and extinguish their desire through excess or deprivation. Thus both elements of this powerful key, consciousness and desire, are extinguished and dispersed.

In so doing, humans are left slaves to the programming of their natural impulses, with no beacon (consciousness) to see what is happening or what they are missing.

This is humanity’s main problem. Yet the problem hides the solution, long taught by schools of wisdom (too often secretly).

We can unearth this key by transforming our approach to consciousness and desire

Awareness of both humanity’s greatest challenge and this key have given rise to effective methods of liberation. They are the ‘why’ behind the real Yoga, true meditation, authentic sacred sexuality, hormesis, and many other concepts and practices.

Indeed, ‘spiritual’ practices exist to unlock shackles that are not so much spiritual as fundamentally human. These practices challenge our natural tendencies to get lost in thought and to mismanage desire. They propel growth by moving us beyond our usual comfort zone. One term for this process of restoring balance is hormesis (beneficial discomfort or stress that strengthens rather than harms).

The application of hormesis to thought, through mindfulness, and to desire, through enlightened resistance, are just two of the methods to bring out humanity’s true light. This is how we awaken from our slumber, and activate the key to human potential.